Lionel Messi Net Worth: From the Street of Rosario to a Fortune

Lionel Messi Net Worth: From the Street of Rosario to a Fortune
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Lionel Messi, born June 24, 1987, is an Argentine footballer, considered one of the greatest ever. He captains Inter Miami and the Argentina national team. Notably, he spent most of his career at Barcelona, winning 34 trophies, including ten La Liga titles and four UEFA Champions League titles.

Messi has won a record eight Ballon d’Or awards and holds numerous scoring records, including the most goals in La Liga. Internationally, he led Argentina to 2021 Copa América and 2022 FIFA World Cup victories. Messi has been the world’s highest-paid footballer multiple times and endorsed Adidas since 2006.

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Lionel Messi Net Worth

Lionel Messi, with a net worth of $650 million, was the world’s highest-paid soccer player during his peak years at Barcelona. In 2017, he inked a deal with Barcelona with a base salary of $168 million.

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The specifics of his contract remained confidential until 2021 when the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” disclosed the details. His annual base salary under a prior contract was $44.68 million.

Early Life

Lionel Messi, born in Rosario, Argentina, grew up in a soccer-loving family with his parents, Jorge and Celia, and siblings. He joined Newell’s Old Boys at six and was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency at ten.

FC Barcelona’s Sporting Director, Carles Rexach, offered to cover his medical expenses, leading to Messi’s move to Spain in 2001. After initial homesickness when his family returned to Argentina, Messi thrived at Barcelona’s youth academy, becoming a key part of the “Baby Dream Team” and eventually enrolling in the Royal Spanish Football Federation.


At 17, Lionel Messi made his league debut for FC Barcelona, soon becoming the youngest scorer for the club. Gaining Spanish citizenship, he quickly rose to prominence, even earning a standing ovation alongside Ronaldinho during his debut match. By 2006, Messi was playing in the FIFA World Cup, becoming the youngest Argentine to score in the tournament.

Overcoming a broken metatarsal in 2007, he returned to score a hat trick against Real Madrid. Messi won his first Ballon d’Or in 2009 and continued to break records, including La Liga‘s most goals in a season by 2012. He reversed a brief 2016 retirement, leading Argentina in world competitions and capturing a record sixth Ballon d’Or in 2019.

Personal Life

Lionel Messi, a native of Rosario, Argentina, has been in a relationship with Antonella Roccuzzo since 2008, confirming their romance publicly in January 2009. They married in Rosario in June 2007 and have three children: Thiago (born 2012), Mateo (born 2015), and Ciro (born 2018).

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Messi maintains a close relationship with his family; his mother’s face is tattooed on his left shoulder. His professional management is a family affair: his father has been his agent since he was 14, and his older brother Rodrigo manages his publicity.

Who is Messi’s best friend?

Inter Miami is thrilled about the growing partnership between Jordi Alba, Lionel Messi’s best friend, and Leonardo Campana. This burgeoning chemistry between the players is generating excitement within the team.


The life and career of Lionel Messi are a testament to his talent, dedication, and the global appeal of football. From his early days in Rosario to his record-breaking achievements on the world stage, Messi’s journey continues to inspire millions of fans worldwide. His net worth is not only a reflection of his footballing excellence but also his astute business acumen and brand value.

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FAQs about Lionel Messi
  1. At What Age Did Messi Join Barcelona?
    • Lionel Messi joined Barcelona’s youth academy, La Masia, at the age of 13 in 2000.
  2. How Much Was Messi Paid in Barcelona?
    • Messi’s contract with Barcelona, which expired in 2021, was reported to be worth up to €138 million per year, including bonuses.
  3. How Much Did PSG Pay Messi?
    • After leaving Barcelona, Messi signed with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) on a reported two-year contract with an annual net salary of $41 million, including bonuses.
  4. Is Messi a Billionaire?
    • Yes, Lionel Messi has reached billionaire status, with estimated pre-tax earnings of $1 billion during his career, according to Forbes.
  5. What Is Messi’s Net Worth in 2023?
    • As of 2023, Lionel Messi’s net worth is estimated to be around $600 million USD, making him one of the highest-paid athletes globally.

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