Harry Jowsey Reportedly Breaks Up with Jessica Vestal on “Perfect Match”

Harry Jowsey Reportedly Breaks Up with Jessica Vestal on "Perfect Match"

Harry Jowsey’s recent participation in dating shows seems to have led him to a potential match. Featured in the second season of Netflix’s “Perfect Match,” the reality TV star subtly suggests that his relationship with Jessica Vestal from “Love is Blind” could be their final romantic pairing, as observed in the show’s latest episodes.

What happened to Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal?

Jessica and Harry first connected in episode 3 and continued their relationship, despite concerns from other cast members about Harry’s history. Recently, a twist emerged when Melinda revealed to Jessica that Harry had kissed her and mentioned wanting to start a family with her. Although Harry was keen on staying together, Jessica remained uncertain. The future of their relationship will be disclosed in episode 10 of “Perfect Match” season 2, premiering on Netflix on Friday, June 21, 2024.

When did Harry blow the news about Jess?

In a TikTok posted on June 13, Harry uploaded a clip featuring himself and Jessica relaxing on a beach. Overlaid with the caption “I can’t wait to grow old with her,” the video captures a tender moment as they cuddle. Adding a playful twist, Harry activates a filter that ages them both, prompting Jessica to stick out her tongue at the camera before she bursts into laughter and rests on Harry’s chest.

The scene unfolds to the tune of “Fade Into You,” enhancing the nostalgic mood. Harry, aged 27, adorned his post with three joyful tears emojis and the hashtag “#perfectmatch.”

Digging into Harry’s relationship

Harry Jowsey has been linked to several romantic interests, both past and present, due to his visibility on reality TV shows like “Too Hot to Handle” and “Perfect Match.” His dating life attracts attention, with various rumors and confirmed relationships making headlines.

Jessica Vestal

Harry and Jessica Vestal, from “Love Is Blind Season 6,” dated during “The Perfect Match Season 2” filmed in 2023. Although not naming her directly, Harry hinted on his 2024 podcast, “Boyfriend Material,” that they became a couple on the show. The pair were also spotted together on a Mexican beach in June 2023.

Rylee Arnold

Harry and his “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Rylee Arnold, were subject to dating rumors after being seen holding hands after a Tate McRae concert in October 2023. Despite finishing sixth in Season 32 and being called “lovebirds” by host Julianne Hough, both denied the rumors. On his “Boyfriend Material” podcast in April 2024, Harry dismissed the rumors further, revealing he had a secret girlfriend, likely Jessica Vestal from “Perfect Match,” during the show.

He emphasized setting boundaries with Rylee early on, explaining that his complex past and her emerging career made a romantic relationship unsuitable, highlighting their relationship was purely a profound friendship.

Charly Jordan

In 2022, Harry and TikTok influencer Charly Jordan were seen together, fueling dating rumors. Harry addressed these speculations in an Instagram Stories Q&A, clarifying he was single with a pink heart emoji. However, when fans mentioned his rumored relationship with Charly, whose ex is TikTok star Tayler Holder, Harry hinted they were dating but hadn’t made it official, playfully calling commenters “pelicans” and adding a laughing emoji.

About the “Perfect Match” series

“Perfect Match,” a reality dating series created by Chris Coelen and produced by Kinetic Content, debuted on Netflix on February 14, 2023, and was renewed for a second season in April 2023. The show, hosted by Nick Lachey, includes contestants from various Netflix reality series who form pairs, compete in challenges, and act as matchmakers to disrupt existing relationships and introduce new singles.

The series, which features a diverse cast including three bisexual members, has generally received positive reviews for its inclusive approach to dating.

The formation of the TV series

In “Perfect Match,” single Netflix alumni gather in a tropical villa to pair up. Winning couples from “compatibility challenges” earn a private date and can invite two new singles to the villa. Participants can match with these newcomers or existing couples. After re-pairing post-date, unmatched individuals leave the villa nightly. The show ends with one couple crowned as the ultimate Match.


Harry and Jessica’s relationship started on “The Perfect Match” but faced challenges after revelations about Harry’s actions with others cast doubt on their future together. Despite these issues, Harry hinted at a continued connection, though their relationship’s exact status remains unclear. Their story highlights the complexities of navigating relationships in the public eye of reality TV.

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