Drake Posts Cryptic Message After Deleting Kendrick Lamar Diss Songs

Drake Posts Cryptic Message After Deleting Kendrick Lamar Diss Songs

Drake has raised eyebrows with a cryptic message on Instagram after quietly deleting all his Kendrick Lamar diss tracks from the platform. On Wednesday (June 5), the Canadian rapper removed songs like “Push Ups,” “Family Matters,” and “The Heart Part 6” without explanation.

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In a post featuring pictures of himself at his Toronto mansion, Drake wrote: “The only yes man around me is my Rolex dealer.” This has led fans to speculate that the post is a response to Kendrick’s accusations of a mole in Drake’s OVO crew and other claims made in his diss tracks.

Fans reacted strongly to Drake’s actions, calling him a hypocrite for backing down after challenging Kendrick to follow through in their feud. Some fans referenced lyrics from Drake’s “Taylor Made Freestyle,” criticizing him for not standing by his words.

One user pointed out, “This line has officially aged the worst throughout the entire beef.” Another commented on the shift in Drake’s attitude once Kendrick responded aggressively: “Drake’s best moment in this beef was between ‘Push Ups’ and ‘Taylor Made.’ Once he realized Kendrick was ready to burn all bridges, it wasn’t fun anymore.”

Drake seems to have moved on from the beef, with many believing he conceded defeat to Kendrick after the backlash from “The Heart Part 6.” On this track, Drake addressed and denied allegations of inappropriate behavior, defending his reputation and relationships.

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The tension between the two artists has been a focal point in the hip-hop community, and Drake’s latest actions suggest he may be ready to leave the feud behind.

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