Billie Eilish Recounts Getting Ghosted by a Long-Time Acquaintance


American superstar Billie Eilish recently opened up about a surprising and disappointing dating experience on the BBC podcast “Miss Me?”. Speaking with hosts Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver, the 22-year-old singer shared how she was ghosted by someone she had known for years.

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The incident occurred just six months ago, in December. Eilish explained that she had been talking to a guy and they made plans to hang out. She invited him over to her house, provided the address, and set a time. However, he never showed up and went completely silent.

“I was like, ‘Did you die? Did you literally die?'” Eilish joked, adding that she later discovered he was dating someone else. “It was unbelievable. To this day, he never texted me again.”

Reflecting on the experience, Eilish called him “a pathetic little man” and expressed her disbelief that people still ghost others in this manner. Despite this, she remains positive and continues to focus on her music and personal growth.

Eilish, known for her hit songs and unique style, has had her share of low-key romances, including rapper Brandon “Q” Adams, actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, and The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford. She recently confirmed that she remains on friendly terms with Rutherford, calling him “truly one of my favorite people in the world.”

In her Rolling Stone interview, Eilish joked about never wanting to be in a relationship again, although she admitted she might change her mind if she meets the right person. “I don’t see myself being serious with anyone until I find someone that really feels right to me, and that is not interesting to me right now,” she said.

Despite the ups and downs in her personal life, Eilish continues to thrive in her career, recently releasing a new music video for “Chihiro,” featuring Nat Wolff.

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