Bahati Reveals Millions Spent on Producing ‘The Bahati’s Empire’

Bahati Reveals Millions Spent on Producing 'The Bahati's Empire'

Singer Bahati has disclosed the staggering costs involved in producing his new reality show, “The Bahati’s Empire.” At the launch event on June 6, 2024, which featured a special appearance by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Bahati shared insights into the show’s budget and future plans.

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The first season of “The Bahati’s Empire” cost an impressive KSh 47 million to produce. However, Bahati revealed that the upcoming second season will be even more ambitious, with production costs expected to surpass KSh 100 million.

“This was just season 1. The cost of production was KSh 47 million,” Bahati stated. “For season 2, we are looking at going a notch higher, maybe KSh 100 million. So yeah…”

Bahati avoided making direct comparisons with other reality TV shows in the region, focusing instead on the unique entertainment value his show offers. “Don’t talk about the expense, talk about the entertainment,” he urged viewers.

The show, available on Netflix, provides an exclusive look into Bahati’s family life, his music empire, and his businesses. Bahati emphasized the global appeal of “The Bahati’s Empire,” noting that international audiences are now demanding its inclusion in their local Netflix catalogs.

“When you want to go big, you go big. You either go big or go home,” Bahati said in an interview with Betty Kyallo. “They did it for Kenya, but they locked it within Africa, not realizing the Bahati family is global. I’ve told people to tag and comment to let Netflix know that Kenyans are no longer just local.”

Throughout the show and various interviews, Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, have been transparent about their lives, addressing several personal topics to generate traction for their new show. Bahati also shared what influenced his choice in a wife, highlighting the importance of her being saved and older than him. “Two things. First, she had to be saved. Secondly, she had to be older than me. Somehow, just to confess, I love my women older,” he explained.

The high-profile launch of “The Bahati’s Empire” also featured the couple unveiling the face of their daughter, Malaika, to the world for the first time. The show promises to deliver a captivating blend of family dynamics, entertainment, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the lives of Bahati and Diana Marua.

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