Maajabu Talent Ft Mike Kalambay – Nous sommes prêts

Maajabu Gospel or Maajabu Talent is a prominent Gospel music production and promotional company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is dedicated to enhancing the quality of gospel music both locally and globally, and have released a new gospel song titled Nous sommes prêts featuring Mike Kalambay. Enjoy!

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Nous sommes prêts,” released on June 4, 2024, is a collaborative track by Maajabu Talent featuring Mike Kalambay. The song was produced by Maajabu Gospel, a platform dedicated to promoting gospel talents. Mastered at Studio Haxo in Paris, the song aligns with the gospel theme, likely emphasizing readiness and preparation, possibly in a spiritual or communal sense, typical of gospel music that often focuses on themes of preparation, readiness for spiritual journeys, or communal gatherings in faith. The collaboration with Mike Kalambay, a notable figure in the gospel music scene, adds a deep layer of authenticity and fervor to the track.

Listen to “Maajabu Talent Ft Mike Kalambay – Nous sommes prêts” below;

AUDIO Maajabu Talent Ft Mike Kalambay – Nous sommes prêts MP3 DOWNLOAD


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