Jay Polly – Malaika

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Jay Polly, born Tuyishime Joshua, was a prominent Rwandan rapper renowned for his impactful role in the Rwandan music scene, particularly in the “Kinyatrap” genre. He has released a song titled Malaika.

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Malaika” by Jay Polly is a heartfelt song that intertwines themes of love and reverence, portraying the singer’s deep affection and admiration for a beloved woman he equates to an angel. The song was produced by Lick Lick and released on February 14, 2020, a fitting choice for Valentine’s Day, emphasizing the theme of romantic love. The lyrics and melody combine to celebrate the beauty and grace of the woman he loves, highlighting her as a source of light and joy in his life, much like an angel or “Malaika” in Swahili. Jay Polly’s delivery of the song adds a personal and sincere touch, making it a tribute to love that transcends the ordinary.

Listen to “Jay Polly – Malaika” below;

AUDIO Jay Polly – Malaika MP3 DOWNLOAD

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