Fidelis Kashumba – Roho ya Bwana

AUDIO Fidelis Kashumba - Roho ya Bwana MP3 DOWNLOAD

Fidelis Kashumba, a renowned composer in the realm of liturgical music, is celebrated for his significant contributions that resonate throughout the East African Christian community, especially among Swahili speakers. He recently introduced a new song titled “Roho ya Bwana,” further enriching his portfolio of spiritually impactful compositions.

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His compositions cover a range of liturgical themes and occasions, including Pentecost and general worship. For example, his song “Roho Ya Bwana” is particularly popular during the Pentecost season, celebrating the Holy Spirit’s presence and actions in the world. Similarly, his mass compositions like “Misa No. 4 – Tuombee Familia” and “Misa Ya Tuombee Familia” are used in family-themed masses, highlighting his versatility in addressing different spiritual themes through music.

Listen to, “Fidelis Kashumba – Roho ya Bwana” below;

AUDIO Fidelis Kashumba – Roho ya Bwana MP3 DOWNLOAD


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