The Brat Net Worth: Rhymes, Rhythms, Riches

The Brat Net Worth: Rhymes, Rhythms, Riches
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Shawntae Harris-Dupart, known professionally as Da Brat, is an American rapper born on April 14, 1974, in Chicago. She launched her career in 1992 and signed with Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Recordings in 1994 to release her debut studio album, Funkdafied.

This album received platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), making it the first platinum-selling album by a female hip-hop solo artist.

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The Brat’s Net Worth

Da Brat has a net worth of $100 thousand. She emerged as one of the pioneering female MCs in the ’90s hip-hop scene. Her debut album, “Funkdafied,” released in 2004, sold one million copies, making her the first female rapper to achieve a platinum album. However, legal issues later in her career led to financial difficulties, culminating in a 2018 bankruptcy filing where she reported debts close to $8 million against assets of only $100,000.

Early Life

Born on April 14, 1974, in Chicago, Illinois, Da Brat was raised mostly on the city’s West Side and in Joliet. Her father, David Ray McCoy, was a businessman, and her mother, Nadine Brewer, worked as a city bus driver.

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Since her parents were never married, Da Brat split her time between her mother’s and her grandmother’s homes. She was active in her local Apostolic church, attending services four times a week and participating in the choir. Da Brat is also the paternal half-sister of actress Lisa Raye McCoy.

During her sophomore and junior years, she attended Kenwood Academy, where she was involved in track and basketball. She completed her high school education at the Academy of Scholastic Achievement, a charter school designed for at-risk students, graduating in 1992.


Discovered by Jermaine Dupri in 1992 after winning a rap contest on “Yo! MTV Raps,” Da Brat was quickly signed to his So So Def label. Her debut album, “Funkdafied,” achieved platinum status, hitting number two on the R&B charts and topping the rap singles chart.

The title track soared to number one on the rap charts and sixth on the Billboard Hot 100. Her 1996 follow-up, “Anuthatantrum,” featured hits like “Sittin’ on Top of the World.” Da Brat also made notable appearances in tracks by Mariah Carey, and Missy Elliot, and on remixes for artists like Destiny’s Child throughout the late ’90s.

Personal Life

For years, Da Brat kept her sexuality and relationships away from the public spotlight, but in March 2020, she openly shared on Instagram her relationship with Jesseca Dupart, a successful entrepreneur and founder of Kaleidoscope Hair Products.

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In February, the couple married in Georgia. Da Brat announced in February 2023 that they were expanding their family, and despite undergoing surgery for fibroids and polyps and experiencing a miscarriage, she successfully gave birth to their son on July 6, 2023.

What Financial Problems did The Brats face?

In August 2018, Da Brat filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing liabilities of $8 million against assets of $100,000. These financial troubles were compounded by a $6.4 million judgment from an assault lawsuit, alongside substantial debts to entities like Sony Music and various banks.


Da Brat’s career illustrates the complexities of fame in the music industry—marked by early success, legal struggles, and financial woes. Her resilience in the face of adversity continues to define her path as she navigates the challenges of her career and personal life.

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FAQs about The Brat’s Net Worth
  1. What is Da Brat’s net worth?
    • Da Brat’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 thousand.
  2. How did Da Brat make her money?
    • She earned her wealth through her music career, including album sales, performances, and royalties from her hits and collaborations.
  3. What led to Da Brat’s financial problems?
    • Da Brat faced financial issues due to legal battles and a significant judgment from an assault case, leading to bankruptcy.
  4. Has Da Brat recovered from her financial problems?
    • Da Brat’s financial recovery is ongoing as she continues to work in the music and entertainment industry.
  5. What was Da Brat’s highest-selling album?
    • Her debut album “Funkdafied” was her highest-selling album, achieving platinum status.

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