Nyashinski – Time Of My Life II

AUDIO Nyashinski - Time Of My Life II MP3 DOWNLOAD

Time Of My Life II” by Nyashinski is a recent release that stands out in the R&B genre. Nyashinski, a talented artist from Nairobi, Kenya, is known for his distinctive style and ability to create compelling melodies. This song is a testament to his exceptional vocal abilities and captivating lyricism, showcasing a blend of contemporary R&B sounds with traditional African influences​​.

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The song is part of Nyashinski’s latest project, an album titled “Good Old Days,” released in January 2024. This album marks a significant moment in his illustrious career, featuring various tracks that highlight his versatility and talent as a singer-songwriter​​.

“Time Of My Life” is a catchy and upbeat song that celebrates the joy of living in the present, with Nyashinski and Bien delivering a smooth and harmonious performance. The song combines vocals and rap skills over a lively Afro-pop beat, creating a feel-good anthem that is sure to uplift spirits and encourage listeners to dance​​.

Listen to, “Nyashinski – Time Of My Life II” below;

AUDIO Nyashinski – Time Of My Life II MP3 DOWNLOAD


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