Kevin Durant Net Worth: Scoring Points in the Wealth League

Kevin Durant Net Worth

Kevin Durant, renowned as one of the NBA’s greatest scorers, has not only made his mark on the basketball court but also in the realm of financial success. His impressive net worth reflects his multifaceted career as a top-tier athlete, endorser, and businessman, positioning him firmly in the wealthy league of sports superstars.

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Kevin Durant Net Worth

Kevin Durant’s estimated net worth in 2024 is around $300 million. This wealth accumulation is attributed to his lucrative NBA contracts, substantial endorsement deals, and savvy business ventures.


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What is Kevin Durant’s current salary?

Kevin Durant’s salary is reported to be $42.97 million, reflecting his value as one of the NBA’s top players.

Who is Kevin Durant?

Kevin Wayne Durant, also known by his initials KD, is an American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA. Widely regarded as one of the greatest players in NBA history, Durant has won two NBA championships, an NBA MVP Award, two Finals MVP Awards, and four NBA scoring titles, among other accolades. He has been named to ten All-NBA teams and selected 14 times as an NBA All-Star. Durant was also a member of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team and has won three Olympic gold medals with Team USA. Off the court, he is one of the highest-earning basketball players due to endorsements and is known for his philanthropy.

Early Life

Durant was born on September 29, 1988, in Washington, D.C., to Wanda and Wayne Pratt. Raised primarily by his mother and grandmother after his parents’ divorce, Durant grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland. By age 13, his father reentered his life, traveling with him to basketball tournaments. Durant has a sister, Brianna, and two brothers, Tony and Rayvonne. He played AAU basketball and was a standout player in high school, ultimately transferring to Montrose Christian School for his senior year. Durant committed to the University of Texas at Austin, where he became the first freshman to be named Naismith College Player of the Year.


Durant played one season for the Texas Longhorns, averaging 25.8 points and 11.1 rebounds per game. Despite Texas being upset in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, Durant was unanimously recognized as the national player of the year, winning all major awards. He declared for the NBA draft after his freshman year, and Texas retired his No. 35 jersey. Durant was the second overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics.

Seattle SuperSonics / Oklahoma City Thunder (2007–2016)

Durant won NBA Rookie of the Year with the Seattle SuperSonics, who relocated to become the Oklahoma City Thunder. He became an NBA All-Star and scoring champion, leading the Thunder to the NBA Finals in 2012. Durant signed a five-year contract extension with the Thunder in 2010 and won the NBA MVP Award in 2014.

Golden State Warriors (2016–2019)

Durant joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016, winning back-to-back NBA championships and Finals MVP Awards in 2017 and 2018. He missed the 2019-20 season due to an Achilles injury sustained in the 2019 NBA Finals.

Brooklyn Nets (2019–2023)

Durant signed with the Brooklyn Nets in 2019 but missed his first season with the team due to his Achilles injury. He returned to the court in 2020 and led the Nets to the playoffs in 2021 and 2022. After a series of disagreements, he was traded to the Phoenix Suns in 2023.

Phoenix Suns (2023–present)

Durant joined the Suns in February 2023, making an immediate impact and helping the team finish fourth in the Western Conference. He became the first player in NBA history to achieve shooting splits of over 55% from the field, over 40% from three-point range, and over 90% from the free-throw line in a season.

National Team Career

Durant has represented the United States in international competition, winning three Olympic gold medals and a FIBA World Championship. He is the leading scorer in Team USA’s men’s Olympic basketball history and was named MVP of the 2020 Olympic tournament.

Off the Court

Durant is one of the highest-earning basketball players, thanks to endorsement deals with companies like Nike. He is known for his philanthropy, having founded the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation to support at-risk youth. He has also ventured into acting and writing, contributing to The Players’ Tribune.

How many scoring points does Kevin Durant have?

Throughout his career, Durant has scored 27,223 points, showcasing his unparalleled ability to score from anywhere on the court.

Where does Kevin Durant rank in all-time scoring?

Kevin Durant ranks 12th in the NBA’s all-time scoring list, solidifying his status as one of the game’s greatest offensive players.

How much does Kevin Durant get paid by Nike?

Durant’s deal with Nike, one of his most significant endorsements, earns him an estimated $26 million annually. This deal is a major contributor to his off-court income.

Does Kevin Durant have a sister?

Kevin Durant has a sister named Brianna Pratt and two brothers, Tony and Rayvonne. His close-knit family played a significant role in his upbringing and development as an athlete.

How many seasons has Kevin Durant played?

Kevin Durant has played 16 seasons in the NBA for four teams, demonstrating his longevity and consistency in the league.


Kevin Durant’s journey from a high school prodigy to an NBA superstar and successful entrepreneur is a testament to his hard work, talent, and strategic financial management. His net worth of $300 million is indicative of his success both on and off the court, making him one of the wealthiest and most influential athletes in the world of sports.

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FAQs about Kevin Durant
  1. What Business Ventures Has Kevin Durant Undertaken? Durant is a successful investor through Thirty-Five Ventures, with over 80 investments, and owns stakes in sports teams and media production.
  2. What Role Does Philanthropy Play in Durant’s Life? Durant is involved in various philanthropic activities, particularly focusing on educational and community development projects.
  3. How Has Durant Expanded His Brand Beyond Basketball? Beyond basketball, Durant has ventured into acting, producing, and has a significant presence in the fashion and technology sectors.
  4. What is Durant’s Approach to Investment? Durant’s investment strategy is diverse, focusing on tech startups, sports, media, and real estate, reflecting his keen business acumen.
  5. How Does Durant’s Net Worth Compare to Other NBA Players? Durant’s net worth places him among the highest-earning players in the NBA, both in terms of salary and off-court income.

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