Dua Lipa Net Worth: Hitting High Notes in Wealth

Dua Lipa Net Worth
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Dua Lipa, an English singer and songwriter, has not only made her mark in the music industry with her distinctive sound and hit songs but has also amassed significant wealth in the process. This article delves into her journey, exploring the various facets of her life and career that have contributed to her impressive net worth.

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Dua Lipa Net Worth

Dua Lipa as a net worth of $35 million. She rose to international fame with her self-titled debut album in 2017, which featured hit singles like “Be the One” and “New Rules.” Her sophomore album, “Future Nostalgia,” released in 2020. She made her acting debut in the 2023 film “Barbie” and played a role in the 2024 film “Argylle.”


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Who is Dua Lipa?

Dua Lipa is an English and Albanian singer and songwriter born on August 22, 1995. She is known for her powerful voice and disco-influenced production. Lipa has received numerous accolades, including seven Brit Awards and three Grammy Awards, and was named one of Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people in 2024. She began her career as a model before signing with Warner Bros. in 2014. Lipa’s debut album in 2017 included hit singles like “New Rules.” Her second album, “Future Nostalgia,” was critically acclaimed and included hits such as “Don’t Start Now” and “Levitating.” She made her acting debut in “Barbie” and released her third album, “Radical Optimism,” in 2024.

Early Life

Dua Lipa was born on August 22, 1995, in London, to Kosovo Albanian parents Anesa and Dukagjin Lipa. Her maternal grandmother is of Bosniak descent. She has a sister named Rina and a brother named Gjin. Influenced by her father, who was a musician, Lipa began singing at the age of five. She grew up in West Hampstead, London, and attended Fitzjohn’s Primary School, where she took music lessons, including the cello. After moving to Pristina with her family in 2008, she attended Mileniumi i Tret√ę School. At age 15, Lipa moved back to London to pursue a music career, uploading cover songs to YouTube and signing with a modeling agency before landing a role in an ITV advertisement for The X Factor.


In 2013, Dua Lipa signed a contract with Tap Management and later with Warner Bros. Records in 2014. Her debut single, “New Love,” was released in 2015, followed by “Be the One,” which achieved success in Europe and Australia. Her self-titled debut album was released in June 2017, featuring the hit single “New Rules.” Lipa’s debut album earned her the Brit Awards for British Female Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act. In 2018, she released the single “One Kiss” with Calvin Harris, which topped the UK Singles Chart and became the best-selling song of the year in the UK.

In January 2019, Lipa released “Swan Song” for the “Alita: Battle Angel” soundtrack. Her second album, “Future Nostalgia,” was released in March 2020, featuring singles like “Don’t Start Now,” “Physical,” and “Break My Heart.” The album received critical acclaim and topped the UK Albums Chart. Lipa’s collaboration with Elton John, “Cold Heart,” released in 2021, also topped the UK Singles Chart. In 2022, Lipa launched her podcast “Dua Lipa: At Your Service.”

In May 2023, Lipa released “Dance the Night” as part of the “Barbie” film soundtrack and made her acting debut as Mermaid Barbie. In November 2023, she gained full ownership of her music catalog. Her third studio album, “Radical Optimism,” was released in May 2024. Lipa also starred in the 2024 spy action comedy “Argylle.” In June 2024, she embarked on a short European tour, performing in various amphitheaters.

Personal Life

Dua Lipa’s first name means “love” in Albanian. She is affectionately referred to as “Dula Peep” by fans, a nickname that originated from a mispronunciation by Wendy Williams. Lipa’s native language is Albanian, and she grew up in London, speaking English with a London accent. She is an honorary Liverpool supporter, and her song “One Kiss” became an anthem for the club’s fans. In November 2022, Lipa was granted Albanian citizenship. She dated model Anwar Hadid from June 2019 to December 2021 and has been dating actor Callum Turner since January 2024.

How Did Dua Lipa Get So Rich?

Dua Lipa’s wealth is attributed to her successful music career, including album sales, tours, and singles. Additionally, her roles as a brand ambassador and endorsements with luxury and mainstream brands have significantly contributed to her financial success.

Does Dua Lipa Own Her Masters?

In a move that underscores her savvy as a businesswoman in the music industry, Dua Lipa acquired the rights to her music catalog, including the publishing rights and masters. This strategic decision allows her greater control and financial benefits from her music.

Who is Dua Lipa’s Best Friend?

Dua Lipa’s close bond with fashion icon Donatella Versace is well-known. Their friendship extends beyond personal interactions, with Lipa collaborating with Versace on fashion projects, blending the worlds of music and high fashion seamlessly.

How Many Records Has Dua Lipa Sold?

Dua Lipa’s record sales are a testament to her global appeal and success as an artist. With over 27.53 million equivalent album sales, her albums ‘Dua Lipa’ and ‘Future Nostalgia’ have been particularly successful, showcasing her widespread popularity.


Dua Lipa’s journey from a YouTube artist to a global pop sensation and successful businesswoman is inspiring. Her net worth, a result of her musical talent and savvy business decisions, is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and the impact she has made in the music industry.

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FAQs About Dua Lipa
  1. Does Dua Lipa Have Any Kids?
    • Dua Lipa currently has no children. She has expressed a desire to focus on her career and personal growth before considering starting a family.
  2. Is Dua Lipa in a Relationship?
    • Dua Lipa is currently in a relationship with French film director Romain Gavras, with whom she has started sharing moments of their life on social media.
  3. How Many Records Has Dua Lipa Sold?
    • Dua Lipa has sold over 27.53 million equivalent album sales, with her albums ‘Dua Lipa’ and ‘Future Nostalgia’ being particularly successful.
  4. Who is Dua Lipa’s Best Friend?
    • Dua Lipa’s best friend is fashion icon Donatella Versace, with whom she shares a close bond and has collaborated on fashion projects.
  5. Does Dua Lipa Own Her Masters?
    • Dua Lipa owns the publishing rights and supports various social causes.

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