Drake Net Worth: A Deep Dive into His Wealth and Stardom

Drake Net Worth: A Deep Dive into His Wealth and Stardom
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Aubrey Drake Graham, born October 24, 1986, is a Canadian rapper, singer, and actor, pivotal in integrating R&B into hip hop. He rose to fame as Jimmy Brooks in “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and launched his music career in 2006.

Drake has released multiple commercially successful albums, including “Thank Me Later,” “Take Care,” and “Views,” with hits like “One Dance” and “Hotline Bling.” Founding OVO Sound in 2012, he’s also a Toronto Raptors’ global ambassador and involved in various business ventures. Drake is one of the world’s best-selling artists, holding numerous Billboard records.

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Drake Net Worth

Drake has a net worth of $250 million, ranks as one of the world’s top-paid entertainers. He has a residency at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas, where he can earn $500,000 per appearance. For more formal concerts, his earnings exceed $2 million per show.

Early life

Aubrey Drake Graham, born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada, is the son of Dennis Graham, an African-American drummer, and Sandra Graham, a Canadian Jewish educator. After his parents’ divorce, he was raised by his mother in Toronto.

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Drake gained fame as an actor on the teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” before launching his music career. He has dual citizenship in Canada and the U.S. and was raised Jewish, celebrating his bar mitzvah. His early life was marked by financial difficulties, which influenced his move into the entertainment industry.


At 15, Drake landed a role on “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” thanks to a friend’s father. This early break came while financially supporting his ill mother through acting. Simultaneously, he pursued music, releasing mixtapes like “Room for Improvement” and “Comeback Season,” which led to a collaboration with Lil Wayne.

His third mixtape, “So Far Gone,” achieved mainstream success, prompting a deal with Young Money Entertainment. His albums “Thank Me Later” and “Take Care” followed, both commercially successful and critically acclaimed, establishing Drake as a significant figure in music, blending hip-hop with R&B and pop influences.

Personal life

Drake resides in a 35,000-square-foot, $100 million estate in Toronto known as “The Embassy.” Constructed in 2017, the home is featured in his “Toosie Slide” video. He previously owned the “YOLO Estate” in California and bought a Beverly Crest home in 2022.

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Additionally, Drake owns a Boeing 767 and various properties, including a Toronto condo. His body art includes portraits of influential figures and personal symbols. Family-wise, he has a son, Adonis, born in 2017 to Sophie Brussaux. Drake’s music often references his relationships, notably with Rihanna, and his familial ties to musicians Larry Graham and Teenie Hodges.

How Long Did Rihanna and Drake Date?

The musical pair of Rihanna and Drake shared an on-again, off-again relationship from 2009 to 2016. Their collaborations and public appearances often set the rumor mill abuzz.


Drake’s incredible net worth of $250 million is a reflection of not just his musical talents but also his strategic decisions, business ventures, and an uncanny ability to stay ahead of the curve. As he continues to shape the soundscape of contemporary music, his legacy and wealth are poised to grow further.

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FAQs About Drake’s Net Worth
  1. How did Drake start his music career?
    • Drake began with mixtapes in the mid-2000s before signing a major record deal.
  2. Does Drake have any business ventures?
    • Yes, including his OVO Sound label and Virginia Black whiskey.
  3. How many Grammys has Drake won?
    • As of 2023, Drake has bagged four Grammy Awards.
  4. Where does Drake currently reside?
    • Drake resides in a lavish mansion in Toronto, often showcased on his social media.
  5. What are some of Drake’s philanthropic efforts?
    • Drake is known for his charitable contributions, including donations to schools, funding scholarships, and supporting underprivileged communities.

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