CKay Drops ‘Wahala’ Video Featuring Olamide

CKay Drops 'Wahala' Video Featuring Olamide

Nigerian singer and songwriter CKay has quickly followed up the release of his latest single “Wahala” with a stunning new music video featuring music star Olamide.

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Building on the momentum from his previous hits, “Wahala” showcases CKay’s signature sound, enriched with a captivating Spanish-influenced guitar melody by Moonesawmy Devadasen. The track combines CKay’s mesmerizing vocals with Olamide’s brilliant storytelling, bringing a fresh and vibrant energy to the music scene.

Discussing the inspiration behind “Wahala,” CKay revealed, “It’s about problematic sexiness.” This intriguing theme promises listeners an immersive and dynamic musical experience.

CKay expressed his excitement about working with Olamide, stating, “Olamide and I complemented each other well on the record. I think it’s beautiful.” Their synergy on the track is palpable, creating a musical masterpiece that resonates deeply with audiences.

The release of “Wahala” is accompanied by an official music video, offering a visual feast that complements the song’s captivating narrative and infectious melodies. The video, featuring the talented contributors, enhances the overall experience, making it a must-watch for fans.

The collaboration between CKay and Olamide is already making waves, and “Wahala” is set to become another major hit in CKay’s impressive discography. The video’s release further cements the track’s appeal, promising to captivate audiences worldwide.

STREAM CKay ‘Wahala’ here

Watch the video below;

CKay Drops ‘Wahala’ Video Featuring Olamide

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