Shatta Bongo – This Way

AUDIO Shatta Bongo – This Way MP3 DOWNLOAD

Shatta Bongo, a renowned African underground producer, sound engineer, and music artist known for his work with both emerging talents and superstars, has released a new music track titled “This Way.” Enjoy!

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Shatta Bongo’s song “This Way” is a vibrant dancehall track that explores themes of self-direction and determination. Released in 2022, the song encourages listeners to carve their own paths and remain true to themselves despite external pressures and challenges. Produced by DJ Blaze, the track combines upbeat rhythms with motivational lyrics, serving as both a dance floor hit and an anthem for personal empowerment. Its infectious beat and Shatta Bongo’s compelling vocals make it a memorable and uplifting contribution to the dancehall genre.

listen to ” Shatta Bongo – This Way” below

AUDIO Shatta Bongo – This Way MP3 DOWNLOAD

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