ShallomsPrince – I Worship You

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ShallomsPrince is an emerging gospel artist known for his soul-stirring music that aims to connect listeners with their faith through song, and he has come up with a new gospel song I Worship You.

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I Worship You” by ShallomsPrince is a song that exudes deep reverence and adoration for the divine. Released as part of ShallomsPrince’s spiritual music journey, this track is a heartfelt expression of worship and devotion. It creates an atmosphere where listeners can feel a profound connection to their faith. The theme of the song revolves around surrendering to a higher power and recognizing the omnipresence and omnipotence that guide and protect believers in their daily lives.


I worship you, I worship you our God
for you alone are Worthy
Lord you’re worthy of all praise, and glory and honor
and power, and all to you I give

Our God the creator of the ends the earth
your mighty in power, majestic and so holy
I call you Holy, holy, for you are Holy,
Lord you’re so holy x2

Listen to, “ShallomsPrince – I Worship You” below;

AUDIO ShallomsPrince – I Worship You MP3 DOWNLOAD

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