Paul Clement – Tayari

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Paul Clement is best known for his ways of presenting worship songs and engaging with his audience. Be blessed as you get ministered through his new song titled Tayari.

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Tayari” by Paul Clement is a deeply spiritual song that focuses on the theme of preparedness and readiness for God’s divine call. Released on May 19, 2024, the song is beautifully crafted by producer Taz Goemi, who skillfully blends soft, melodic tones with African rhythms to underscore the profound message of being spiritually ready to answer God’s call at any moment. Paul Clement’s soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics resonate with listeners, offering a sense of urgency and reflection on the importance of spiritual readiness in the Christian faith.

listen to “Paul Clement – Tayari ” below

AUDIO Paul Clement – Tayari MP3 DOWNLOAD


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