Paul Clement – Hemani

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Paul Clement is best known for his ways of presenting worship songs and engaging with his audience. Be blessed as you get ministered through his new song titled Hemani.

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Hemani” by Paul Clement, released on May 26, 2024, is a spiritually uplifting song that resonates with themes of faith and divine guidance. Produced by ICC Nairobi and finely crafted through the mixing and mastering skills of Gydkym Music, this track stands as a testament to the power of belief and the quest for spiritual growth. The visual narrative, directed by Kate Kamau and Justin Mengere, complements the song’s profound message, illustrating the journey of seeking and finding solace in higher powers. The song invites listeners to explore their spiritual path and encourages a deep reflection on personal faith.

listen to “Paul Clement – Hemani ” below

AUDIO Paul Clement – Hemani MP3 DOWNLOAD


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