Mathias Walichupa – Nimeketishwa Juu

AUDIO Mathias Walichupa - Nimeketishwa Juu MP3 DOWNLOAD

East African artist Mathias Walichupa, known for his multifaceted talents as a gospel artist, producer, composer, songwriter, and vocalist, makes a triumphant comeback with his latest gospel sensation, “Nimeketishwa Juu.”

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Nimeketishwa Juu” by Mathias Walichupa is a gospel song that explores the theme of divine elevation and providence. Released on May 24, 2024, the song lyrically portrays the singer’s gratitude and acknowledgment of being uplifted and established by a higher power, likely referring to spiritual guidance and blessing. Mathias Walichupa, who is not only the singer but also the producer of the track, emphasizes the idea that despite life’s challenges, there’s a divine assurance of victory and protection. This track joins his repertoire of gospel music that aims to inspire and offer solace through its powerful and comforting messages.

Listen to, “Mathias Walichupa – Nimeketishwa Juu” below;

AUDIO Mathias Walichupa – Nimeketishwa Juu MP3 DOWNLOAD


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