Beka Flavour – Pombe

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Tanzanian Bongo Flava recording artist and former member of Yamoto Band, Beka Flavour, has just released his newest single titled “Pombe,” adding to his growing discography as the tenth track.

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Pombe” by Beka Flavour, produced by Masile and released on 24 May 2024, is a song that delves into the deep-seated affection some individuals have for beer, portraying it as an inescapable part of their lives. The track blends Beka Flavour’s melodic style with engaging lyrics that explore the social and personal implications of this attachment, reflecting on the joys and potentially adverse consequences of such a lifestyle. This song serves as a reflection on how cultural and personal habits intertwine, presenting a narrative that many listeners might find relatable or thought-provoking.

listen to “Beka Flavour – Pombe ” below

AUDIO Beka Flavour – Pombe MP3 DOWNLOAD


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