2Baba – #Aproko

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Nigerian singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian, and activist, 2Baba is out with a straight banger titled “#Aproko

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Aproko” by 2Baba is featured on his sixth studio album, “The Ascension,” which was released on July 21, 2014, by Hypertek Digital and 960 Music Group. The song delves into the pervasive issue of gossip and rumor-spreading within communities, critiquing how people often focus on the lives of others instead of minding their own business. Produced by OJB Jezreel, a renowned figure in the Nigerian music scene, the track combines Afrobeat rhythms with contemporary African pop, encapsulating a lively yet poignant message about the toxic nature of spreading unverified information and the needless strife it causes. The song’s upbeat tempo contrasts with its serious message, creating a compelling call to action to rise above pettiness and focus on more constructive and personal advancements.

listen to “2Baba – #Aproko” below

AUDIO 2Baba – #Aproko MP3 DOWNLOAD

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