DMX Kids: How many kids did DMX have?

DMX Kids: How many kids did DMX have?
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Earl Simmons, popularly known by his stage name DMX, was a seminal figure in the world of hip-hop, renowned for his gravelly voice, intense lyricism, and dynamic presence both on and off the stage. While his musical career was characterized by aggressive stylings and a tough persona, DMX also presented a softer side, particularly in his dedication to his family. He frequently discussed the importance of his children, whom he regarded as central to his life’s narrative.

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Who is DMX’s wife?

DMX married Tashera Simmons in 1999 after being together since 1991 and the couple had four children: Xavier, Tacoma, Sean, and Praise Mary Ella. Their relationship faced challenges, leading to their separation in 2010 amidst DMX’s legal troubles and revelations of his infidelities, which they discussed publicly on the VH1 series Couple’s Therapy in 2012.

In total, DMX fathered fifteen children with various partners, as he confirmed in a 2016 interview, highlighting the complexities of his personal life, including his financial struggles with child support obligations. He filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2013, citing over a million dollars in child support debt among his liabilities.

How many kids does DMX have? (DMX Kids)

DMX fathered 17 children with 11 different women, highlighting the complex dynamics of his personal life. His long-term relationship with Tashera Simmons. His other children were with various partners, including a significant public legal battle over child support with Patricia Trejo and Monique Wayne, each affirming DMX’s paternity through genetic testing.

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  • Xavier Simmons
Xavier Simmons/Instagram

Xavier Simmons, the eldest son of DMX from his marriage with Tashera Simmons, was born in 1992. He has ventured into the arts as an actor, seen in the film Moments, and as an author with his book Perils & Promise, which explores human conditions through short stories and journal entries. Xavier also pursues music and was appointed as a temporary co-administrator of DMX’s estate along with his mother and siblings in October 2021.

  • Tacoma Simmons

Born in 1999, Tacoma Simmons is the second son of DMX and Tashera Simmons. He identifies as a musical composer, a path that aligns closely with his artistic inclinations but diverges into a more behind-the-scenes role in the music industry. His social media profiles are private, reflecting a choice to maintain a personal space separate from the public eye. In 2019, he joined college in California and was named a co-administrator of his father’s estate.

  • Sean Simmons

Sean Simmons, the third child of DMX and Tashera Simmons, was born in 2002. Unlike his siblings, Sean keeps a low profile with very limited public exposure; his social media accounts are private. Described by his mother as a diligent student, he too serves as a co-administrator of his late father’s estate, a responsibility he shares with his siblings.

  • Praise Mary Ella Simmons

Praise Mary Ella Simmons, born in 2005, is the youngest daughter of DMX with Tashera Simmons. She has not been appointed as a co-administrator to her father’s estate possibly due to her young age. Praise maintains a private life, similar to her brother Sean, with minimal public exposure.

  • Sasha Simmons

Sasha Simmons, another of DMX’s daughters, was born to Patricia Trejo following an extramarital affair during DMX’s marriage to Tashera. The exact year of her birth appears to be around 2002. She publicly shared her grief and cherished memories with her father on social media following his death, highlighting their close relationship despite the complexities.

  • Sonovah Junior

Sonovah Hillman Jr., born in 2009 to Sonovah Hillman Sr., is following in her father’s footsteps as a performer. Already active in the music scene, she has released tracks like I Hate Zoom and Tik Tok Kid and performed her father’s song Slippin’ at his memorial service. She has an active public presence managed by her mother.

  • Aaliyah Simmons

Aaliyah Simmons was introduced to the world in 2011, named after the late singer Aaliyah, reflecting DMX’s deep respect for his friend. She appeared alongside DMX during a concert in 2012, symbolizing her significant place in his life.

  • Exodus Simmons

Exodus Simmons, born to DMX and his fiancée Desiree Lindstrom in 2016, represents a new chapter as his name suggests—”a way out” which was a favorite biblical motif for DMX, who had a tattoo quoting Exodus 1:7.

  • Aidyn and K’ydn Simmons

Twins Aidyn and K’ydn, born to Pebbles Junell in December 2019, were quickly introduced to the public during DMX’s memorial services. Their birth occurred shortly after DMX’s release from prison, marking a poignant moment of new beginnings.

  • Jada Oden-Simmons

Jada Oden-Simmons, born in 2002 to Davita Oden, came into the spotlight during DMX’s extensive legal and paternity tests which confirmed DMX as her father. She was prominently involved in legal proceedings concerning DMX’s estate following his death.

  • Michelle Walton-Simmons

Michelle Walton-Simmons’ relationship to DMX underscores the personal trials he faced, entwined with professional challenges throughout his life.

  • Javon Wayne-Simmons

Javon Wayne-Simmons was born in 2004 to Monique Wayne after a paternity dispute that concluded with DMX being legally recognized as the father. This led to a substantial financial judgment against DMX, further complicating his legal and financial issues.

  • Z’riyah and Emmanuel Simmons

Children from DMX’s relationship with Yadira Borrego, Z’riyah, and Emmanuel Simmons represent part of DMX’s extensive familial relationships, with their ages and personal details kept relatively private from the public eye.

  • Raven Barmer-Simmons

Emerging after DMX’s death, Raven Barmer-Simmons claims to be another of his children. Her story adds to the complex tapestry of DMX’s legacy, reflecting both his widespread influence and the personal complexities he navigated throughout his life.

How many baby mamas did DMX have?

His better-known relationships included his marriage to Tashera Simmons, with whom he had four children, and his engagement to Desiree Lindstrom, who gave birth to his fifteenth child. His other children’s mothers include Patricia Trejo, Sonovah Hillman Sr., Davita Oden, Monique Wayne, Pebbles Junell, Yadira Borrego, and Shikoya Hartley, among others.

Following his death, the absence of a will complicated the inheritance matters, initiating multiple claims and disputes within the probate courts.

DMX Cause of Death

Hip-hop icon DMX passed away at age 50 due to a cocaine-induced heart attack that resulted in a lack of blood flow to his brain, according to official sources from the Westchester County medical examiner’s office. The severe cardiac arrest led to prolonged brain death, with DMX being placed on ventilatory support in the hospital, though he never regained consciousness from his coma.

During his final days, the legendary rapper was surrounded by family, friends, and fans at White Plains Hospital, reflecting on his profound impact on the music industry and his personal battles with substance abuse.


DMX’s role as a father paints a portrait of a man who, despite his rough exterior and publicized struggles, cherished his role within his family. His children, as part of his enduring legacy, carry forward the multifaceted narrative of his life—from his cultural impact to his personal vulnerabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About DMX Kids
  1. Who was DMX married to? DMX was married to Tashera Simmons from 1999 to 2010. They had four children together: Xavier, Tacoma, Sean, and Praise Mary Ella.
  2. How many children did DMX have? DMX fathered 17 children with 11 different women, reflecting his complex personal life and relationships.
  3. How many mothers did DMX’s children have? DMX had children with 11 different women, including his wife Tashera Simmons and his fiancée, Desiree Lindstrom.
  4. What caused DMX’s death? DMX died from a cocaine-induced heart attack that led to a lack of blood flow to his brain, resulting in brain death.
  5. What are DMX’s significant cultural contributions? DMX was renowned for his impact on hip-hop with his intense lyricism and distinctive delivery. His first five albums debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, making significant marks in music and popular culture.

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