What Has Gabriel Macht Been In? Suits Star’s Stellar Roles

What Has Gabriel Macht Been In

Gabriel Macht, widely recognized for his charismatic portrayal of Harvey Specter in the hit series “Suits,” boasts a career that spans various genres and roles. Beyond the sharp suits and courtroom battles, Macht’s journey in the entertainment industry showcases his versatility and commitment to his craft.

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What Has Gabriel Macht Been In?

Though most renowned for “Suits,” Macht’s acting portfolio is diverse. Prior to his role as the slick lawyer Harvey Specter, he appeared in numerous films and TV shows, showcasing his range as an actor.

Gabriel Macht TV shows And MoviesRoleYear
Why Would I Lie? (movie)Jeorge (as Gabriel Swann)1980
Kid in the Real World (short)Kid1983
Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV Series)Jonny Draper1995
Spin City (TV series)Naked Guy1997
The Object of My Affection (movie)Steve Casillo1998
Sex and the City (TV series)Barkley1998
The Adventure of Sebastian Cole (movie)Troy1998
Simply Irresistible (movie)Charlie1999
Wasteland (TV series)Luke1999
101 Ways (the Things a Girl Will Do to Keep Her Volvo) (movie)Dirk2000
The Audrey Hepburn Story (movie)William Holden2000
The Others (TV series)Dr. Mark Gabriel2000
The Bookie’s Lament (short)Mikey2000
American Outlaws (movie)Frank James2001
Behind Enemy Lines (movie)Stackhouse2001
Bad Company (movie)Seale2002
The Recruit (movie)Zack2003
Grand Theft Parsons (movie)Gram Parsons2003
A Love Song for Bobby Long (movie)Lawson Pines2004
Archangel (movie)R.J. O’Brian2005
Numb3rs (TV series)Don Emrick2005
The Good Shepherd (movie)John Russell, Jr.2006
Because I Said So (movie)Johnny2007
The Spirit (movie)Spirit2008
Middle Men (movie)Buck Dolby2009
Whiteout (movie)Robery Pryce2009
One Way to Valhalla (movie)Bo Durant2009
Love & Other Drugs (movie)Trey Hannigan2010
S.W.A.T.: Firefight (video)Paul Ctutler2011
A Bag of Hammers (movie)Wyatt2011
Breaking at the Edge (movie)Detective Williams2011
Suits (TV series)Harvey Specter2011-2014
Pearson (TV Series)Harvey Spector2019
Did Gabriel Macht retire?

Gabriel Macht, celebrated for his role as Harvey Specter on “Suits,” has shifted his focus from the limelight to family life following the series’ conclusion. Inspired by his wife, Jacinda Barrett, and their children, Macht expressed a desire to explore creative avenues outside of television. Emphasizing the importance of family, Macht compared his priorities to his character’s, highlighting a preference for personal fulfillment over professional achievements.

Was Gabriel Macht’s wife in Suits?

Yes, Gabriel Macht’s wife, Jacinda Barrett, appeared in “Suits.” She played Zoe Lawford, a love interest of Harvey Specter, intertwining their real-life relationship with their on-screen chemistry.


Gabriel Macht’s career is a testament to his talent and adaptability. From his early days in the industry to his iconic role in “Suits” and beyond, Macht continues to leave a mark on audiences and the entertainment world.

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FAQs about What Has Gabriel Macht Been In
  1. What is Gabriel Macht best known for?
    • Gabriel Macht is best known for his role as Harvey Specter in “Suits.”
  2. Has Gabriel Macht appeared in any projects post-“Suits”?
    • As of 2024, Gabriel Macht has not taken on new acting roles since “Suits” ended in 2019.
  3. What was Gabriel Macht’s first major film role?
    • One of Macht’s early major film roles was in “The Recruit,” opposite Al Pacino.
  4. Is Gabriel Macht involved in any other aspects of the entertainment industry besides acting?
    • While Macht has primarily focused on acting, his break post-“Suits” suggests he might be exploring other interests within the industry.
  5. How does Gabriel Macht’s role in “Suits” influence his career?
    • His portrayal of Harvey Specter has been a defining role in Macht’s career, elevating his status as an actor and endearing him to a global audience.

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