Country Wizzy – No (Interlude)

AUDIO Country Wizzy - No (Interlude) MP3 DOWNLOAD

Country Wizzy, a hip-hop musician from Tanzania who goes by the name Ibrahim Ayoub Mandingo, has just released a new track called “No (Interlude).” Give it a listen!

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Country Wizzy’s new song “No (Interlude)” is a mellow, soulful track that captures the essence of love and heartache. Lyrically, Wizzy croons about the pain of lost love, and the struggle to move on and find peace.

With its raw emotion and heartfelt sentiment, “No (Interlude)” is sure to be a hit with fans of R&B and soul music.

Listen to, “Country Wizzy – No (Interlude)” below;

AUDIO Country Wizzy – No (Interlude) MP3 DOWNLOAD


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