Vivian – Masharti

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Kenyan songstress Vivian Wambui, widely recognized as Vivian, has recently unveiled an invigorating and enthralling song titled “Masharti,” adding another gem to her musical repertoire.

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Vivian, whose real name is Vivian Wambui, also known as Vivianne, “Masharti” is a love song that emphasizes unconditional love, with lyrics expressing deep affection without any conditions. The song, released in 2020 under the Afropop genre, beautifully conveys the message that love should come without terms and conditions. Vivian’s lyrics portray a romantic declaration, where she talks about loving her partner unconditionally, promising to think about them daily, and preparing surprises to strengthen their bond. The chorus of the song, “Mapenzi bila Masharti,” which translates to “love without conditions,” captures the essence of unconditional love.

listen to “Vivian – Masharti ” below

AUDIO Vivian – Masharti MP3 DOWNLOAD


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