Rose Cheboi – Very Nice Tumdo

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Very Nice Tumdo” by Rose Cheboi is a song celebrated within the Kalenjin community, particularly at weddings and other festive occasions. The title translates to “the event has been wonderful,” encapsulating the joy and satisfaction felt at the end of a successful gathering or celebration. Rose Cheboi’s journey with this song began when she was asked to perform at her cousin’s engagement party. This performance, where she introduced “Very Nice Tumdo,” marked a significant turning point in her life and career, as the song quickly became a hit due to its celebratory nature and relatability​​.

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Rose Cheboi, hailing from Elgeyo Marakwet County in Kenya, is a talented artist known for her contributions to the gospel and ceremonial music scenes. Despite facing numerous challenges, including dropping out of school early and navigating life as a young mother, Cheboi’s passion for music and determination led her to pursue her singing career, culminating in the success of “Very Nice Tumdo.” The song’s popularity is a testament to her talent and the cultural resonance of her music within the Kalenjin community​​.

Listen to, “Rose Cheboi – Very Nice Tumdo” below;

AUDIO Rose Cheboi – Very Nice Tumdo MP3 DOWNLOAD


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