Lady Z – Mataifa Yote Yatakusanyika

AUDIO Lady Z - Mataifa Yote Yatakusanyika MP3 DOWNLOAD

Mataifa Yote Yatakusanyika” by Zainabu Maliani, also known as Lady Z, is a Swahili gospel song that translates to “All Nations Will Assemble.”

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The song is a profound expression of worship and reverence towards God, emphasizing the gathering of all nations before the Lord the Savior to worship, lift His name, glorify Him, and proclaim His praise. The lyrics reflect a deep yearning for God’s presence, acknowledging His worthiness of worship, praise, and the desire to be molded by Him. It’s a call for unity in worship, drawing attention to the collective act of coming before God, recognizing His sovereignty, and the individual’s humble submission to His will​​​​​​.

listen to “Lady Z – Mataifa Yote Yatakusanyika ” below

AUDIO Lady Z – Mataifa Yote Yatakusanyika MP3 DOWNLOAD


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