VIDEO: Anthony Joshua knocked out Francis Ngannou

Anthony Joshua Dominates Francis Ngannou in Two-Round Knockout Victory in Riyadh

In a highly anticipated clash that had the sports world buzzing, former heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua faced off against Francis Ngannou, a powerhouse from the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). The event, held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, promised to be a spectacle of power and skill as two giants from different combat sports worlds collided.

Anthony Joshua knocked out Francis Ngannou

The fight delivered on its promise with an explosive conclusion. Anthony Joshua, known for his devastating punching power and tactical acumen, proved to be the superior fighter on the night. In a stunning display of boxing prowess, Joshua knocked out Francis Ngannou, making a clear statement in the heavyweight boxing scene.

What round did Joshua knock out Ngannou?

The knockout came in the second round, with Joshua demonstrating his lethal striking ability. After flooring Ngannou with a vicious right hand in the first round, Joshua continued his dominance into the next, knocking down the former UFC heavyweight champion twice more before delivering the final blow that ended the fight.

Francis Ngannou Didn’t Feel the KO Punch

Remarkably, Ngannou admitted after the fight that he did not feel the punch that knocked him out. This response is often indicative of a clean, powerful knockout, where the recipient is unconscious before they hit the ground. Ngannou’s acknowledgment of the knockout’s efficiency underscores Joshua’s striking power.

Francis Ngannou Apologizes after losing the fight

Following his defeat, Ngannou expressed his apologies to his supporters, showing humility and grace in the face of a challenging loss. Despite the setback, Ngannou’s spirit remains unbroken, with the fighter contemplating his future in both boxing and MMA.


Anthony Joshua’s knockout victory over Francis Ngannou is more than just a win in his column; it’s a testament to his ongoing relevance and threat in the heavyweight boxing division. As Joshua eyes future challenges, including potential bouts against Tyson Fury or Oleksandr Usyk, this victory serves as a powerful reminder of his capabilities.

Ngannou, on the other hand, faces a crossroads in his combat sports career. Despite the loss, his courage to step into the boxing ring against one of the sport’s best speaks volumes about his character and ambition. Whether he chooses to continue boxing or return to MMA, Ngannou remains a formidable and respected fighter.

The Joshua-Ngannou bout was not just a fight; it was a celebration of combat sports, bringing together fans from boxing and MMA to witness a historic showdown. As both fighters move forward, the respect and admiration they’ve earned from fans worldwide will undoubtedly fuel their journeys, no matter where they lead.

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