Rocky Bivens Net Worth: The Music Executive’s Behind-the-Scenes Wealth

Rocky Bivens Net Worth

Rocky Bivens, a name synonymous with success in the music industry, has amassed significant wealth through his career as a music executive. Known for his work with high-profile artists and his strategic business acumen, Bivens’s financial achievements stand as a testament to his expertise in navigating the complexities of the entertainment world.

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Who is Rocky Bivens?

Rocky Bivens is a celebrated music executive with a career spanning several decades. His influence in the industry is marked by his role in shaping the careers of numerous artists and his ability to broker deals that have left a lasting impact on the music landscape.

Early Life

The early life of Rocky Bivens laid the foundation for his future success. Growing up in an environment that nurtured his love for music, Bivens developed a keen understanding of the industry from a young age, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

How Old Is Rocky Bivens?

Born on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1973, Rocky Bivens has reached the milestone age of 50 years, making him a year older than his wife. His stature stands at approximately 5’11 (180 cm), reflecting his physical presence alongside his notable accomplishments and the profound personal and professional connections he has cultivated over the years.


Bivens’s career in the music industry is a narrative of ambition, talent, and strategic foresight. From his initial forays into the business to becoming a renowned music executive, his journey is a reflection of his dedication to excellence and innovation in the field.

Rocky Bivens Net Worth

As of 2024, Rocky Bivens’s net worth is estimated to exceed $1.5 million. This impressive figure is a culmination of his successful career as a CEO, his strategic investments, and his involvement in various aspects of the music industry.

How does Rocky Bivens make his money?

Bivens’s wealth is primarily derived from his roles as the CEO of Biv Global Management LLC and BIV Global Media Group. Additionally, his work in managing artists, alongside lucrative endorsements and partnerships, contributes significantly to his income.

Who is Rocky Bivens married to?

Rocky Bivens is married to LaTocha Reney Scott-Bivens, known mononymously as LaTocha. She is an accomplished American R&B and Gospel singer, songwriter, and occasional actress, famously recognized as a member of the multi-platinum R&B group Xscape, which gained significant popularity during the 1990s. LaTocha and Rocky Bivens have shared a long-standing relationship; they tied the knot in 1995, marking the beginning of their marital journey. Their union was introduced by Kandi Burruss, LaTocha’s fellow member of XSCAPE, during a tour, laying the foundation for their enduring relationship.

How long have Tocha and Rocky been together?

As of now, LaTocha and Rocky Bivens have been together for 27 years, a testament to their strong bond and mutual respect for one another. Their life together has been blessed with the birth of their son, Jamon, in August 1997, adding another layer of joy and responsibility to their union.

Who Is Rocky Bivens’s Brother?

Rocky Bivens, besides being known for his marriage to LaTocha, has personal connections that have shaped his life and experiences. He has two brothers, James and Juwan; however, tragedy struck when James was brutally murdered in 2001. On a brighter note, Juwan, who is still alive and resides in Chicago with his family, has made notable contributions to his community and sports, particularly basketball, earning Rocky’s admiration and pride.


Rocky Bivens’s journey from aspiring music enthusiast to a powerhouse music executive exemplifies the possibilities within the music industry. His net worth of over $1.5 million reflects not just his financial acumen but also his profound impact on the music world.

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FAQs about Rocky Bivens
  1. What controversies has Rocky Bivens faced?
    • Bivens was recently in the headlines due to allegations of financial misconduct involving his sister-in-law, Tamika Scott, highlighting the complexities of family and finance in the entertainment industry.
  2. Does Rocky Bivens have any children?
    • Yes, Rocky and LaTocha Scott have a son named Jamon Bivens, born in 1997, who has pursued an education in psychology.
  3. Who is Rocky Bivens’s brother?
    • Rocky has two brothers, James and Juwan. Tragically, James was murdered in 2001, while Juwan is alive and resides in Chicago.
  4. How old is Rocky Bivens?
    • Born on February 14, 1973, Rocky Bivens is currently 50 years old, showcasing a long and successful career in the music industry.
  5. What social media platforms does Rocky Bivens use?
    • Rocky Bivens is active on social media, particularly on Instagram (@rockybiv) and Facebook, where he shares insights into his personal and professional life.

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