Culture Spears – Borikiriki

AUDIO Culture Spears - Borikiriki MP3 DOWNLOAD

Culture Spears, a group renowned for Tswana traditional music and dance, is based in Botswana. They gained fame with the release of “Kulenyane” in 2006. The group has now released a new song titled “Borikiriki.”

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Borikiriki” by Culture Spears is a lively and energetic song that has its roots in the folk music tradition of Botswana. This song is not just a musical composition but an embodiment of the Tswana folk music style, which is a significant part of Botswana’s cultural heritage. The song’s name, “Borikiriki,” itself is evocative and seems to capture the essence of the playful and rhythmic sound that characterizes much of Tswana music.

Listen to, “Culture Spears – Borikiriki” below;

AUDIO Culture Spears – Borikiriki MP3 DOWNLOAD


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