What Happened to PopularMMOs? The YouTube Channel’s Latest Update

What Happened to PopularMMOs?

PopularMMOs, a renowned YouTube channel run by Patrick Julianelle, known for its Minecraft content, has experienced significant changes and challenges in recent years, leading to curiosity and concern among its vast fanbase.

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PopularMMOs, created by Patrick Julianelle, is a YouTube channel that gained fame through its engaging Minecraft content, captivating a large audience with creative gameplay and series.


The channel, founded in early 2012, quickly rose to prominence in the gaming community, amassing over 17 million subscribers and becoming a staple in Minecraft video content creation.

In recent years, PopularMMOs faced personal and professional challenges, including a divorce between Patrick and his co-creator, GamingWithJen, in 2019. This split, along with other personal issues, contributed to a decline in the channel’s activity and raised questions among fans about its future.

The channel is known for various Minecraft series like The Challenge Games and Epic Proportions, featuring entertaining gameplay and challenges, often involving Pat and Jen.

Minecraft Videos

PopularMMOs’ rise to fame was largely due to engaging Minecraft videos, including series like “Lucky Block Race” and “Ender Dragon Boss Battle,” which were particularly popular among fans.

The Challenge Games

This series became a fan favorite, featuring competitions between Pat and Jen in various Minecraft challenges, with the winner earning prizes.

Personal Turmoil

The channel’s journey was not just about gaming; it involved personal elements like Pat’s marriage to and subsequent divorce from Jen, their collaborative book projects, and Pat’s later legal troubles.

After a period of inactivity, Pat made a return to YouTube in a video titled “I went to jail,” resulting in mixed reactions from the audience. This return has led to speculation about the channel’s future.


The story of PopularMMOs is not just about Minecraft content but also about the personal journey of its creator, Patrick Julianelle, and the challenges and transformations he has faced.

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  1. How did PopularMMOs start? Patrick Julianelle started the channel in 2012, focusing on Minecraft content creation.
  2. What led to the decline in activity on the PopularMMOs channel? Personal issues, including Patrick’s divorce and legal troubles, contributed to the channel’s decline.
  3. What type of content made PopularMMOs famous? The channel gained fame for its creative Minecraft gameplay and series like The Challenge Games.
  4. Has Patrick Julianelle faced any legal issues? Yes, Patrick faced legal troubles, including an arrest in 2022.
  5. What is the current status of PopularMMOs? The channel made a recent return with a video from Patrick, leading to speculation about its future direction​​​​​​​​.

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