Tommy Fleetwood Wife: The Love Story with Clare Fleetwood

Tommy Fleetwood Wife

The love story of Tommy Fleetwood and his wife, Clare Fleetwood, is a fascinating tale that intertwines professional and personal lives. Their journey from professional acquaintances to life partners captures a unique blend of shared passions and mutual respect.

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Who is Clare Fleetwood?

Clare Fleetwood, née Craig, is a well-accomplished individual in sports management, playing a pivotal role in the career of professional golfer Tommy Fleetwood. Her professional acumen and personal strength have been instrumental in Tommy’s success on and off the golf course.

How Old is Clare Fleetwood

While Clare Fleetwood’s exact age is not publicly disclosed, it is known that there is a 23-year age difference between her and Tommy Fleetwood, who was born in 1991.

Education and Career

Clare grew up in Manchester, England, and pursued a career in sports management. Her journey in this field led her to Hambric Sports Management, where she rose to the position of vice president for Europe, representing professional golfers including Tommy Fleetwood.

Tommy Fleetwood Wife

Clare Fleetwood is not only Tommy Fleetwood’s wife but also a significant figure in his professional life. As his manager, she has played a crucial role in navigating his career and supporting his endeavors both on and off the golf course.

How Did Tommy Fleetwood and Clare Fleetwood Meet?

The couple met through Tommy’s brother, Joe, who worked with Clare at Hambric Sports Management. Their professional paths crossed when Tommy switched to Hambric in 2015, leading to a deepening of their acquaintance and eventually a romantic relationship.

When Did Tommy Fleetwood and Clare Fleetwood Get Married?

Tommy and Clare tied the knot on December 5, 2017. Their intimate wedding ceremony took place on a beach in the Bahamas, surrounded by close family and friends.

Do Tommy Fleetwood and Clare Fleetwood Have Kids?

Clare has two sons, Oscar and Mo, from a previous relationship, and together with Tommy, they welcomed Franklin Fleetwood in September 2017. The couple has blended their family, with Tommy embracing Clare’s sons as part of their life together.

Did Tommy Fleetwood Cheat on Clare Fleetwood?

There have been no public allegations or reports suggesting that Tommy Fleetwood has cheated on Clare Fleetwood. Their relationship appears to be grounded in mutual respect and love.

How Long Have Tommy Fleetwood and Clare Fleetwood Been Married?

As of the current date, Tommy and Clare Fleetwood have been married for several years, having tied the knot in December 2017. Their marriage has been marked by mutual support and collaboration.


The relationship between Tommy and Clare Fleetwood is a testament to the power of love, trust, and partnership. Their journey from professional acquaintances to life partners is a compelling narrative that highlights the strength of their bond.

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FAQs about Tommy Fleetwood Wife
  1. What impact has Clare Fleetwood had on Tommy’s career? Clare’s influence as Tommy’s manager has been significant, providing strategic guidance and support in his professional journey.
  2. How does the couple balance their professional and personal lives? They have found a harmony between work and personal life, respecting each other’s roles and supporting one another in both spheres.
  3. What are Clare’s interests outside of sports management? Specific interests outside of her professional life are not widely publicized, but she shares a passion for golf and family life with Tommy.
  4. How have Tommy and Clare managed their age difference? They have navigated their age gap with understanding and mutual respect, focusing on the strength of their relationship rather than societal perceptions.
  5. What has been the key to Tommy and Clare’s successful relationship? Their successful relationship can be attributed to their deep trust, open communication, and shared goals and values.

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