Robert Hampton Net Worth: The Financial Canvas of the Entrepreneur

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Robert Hampton, known in the music world as LA Truth, boasts a net worth of $30 million, a testament to his success as a rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. His financial success is attributed to his dynamic career in music, where he has released 11 albums and sold over 300,000 units independently, alongside his entrepreneurial ventures, including the founding of Fast Cash Records and the creation of the RFG Clothing line.

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Robert Hampton Net Worth

Robert Hampton, also known as Latruth, boasts a net worth of $30 million, accrued through his prolific career as a rapper and his ventures as an entrepreneur. As the CEO and founder of Fast Cash Records, he has released 11 albums, five of which are available on platforms like iTunes and Soundcloud, leading to independent sales of over 300,000 units. His wealth is a testament to his success in the music industry and his astute business acumen.

Who is Robert Hampton?

Robert Hampton, also known as LA Truth, was born on June 15, 1987, in Atlanta, Georgia, and has made a significant impact in the music industry as a rapper, songwriter, CEO, and the founder of Fast Cash Records. Beyond his music career, he is the creative mind behind the clothing line RFG Clothing, further showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Despite a vast catalog of music released online, LA Truth still battles with the label of being an underground rapper. Among his notable collaborations is the song “Don’t Disrespect,” featuring Snoop Dogg, highlighting his influence and connections within the music scene.


Robert Hampton, better known as Latruth, has carved out a significant presence in the entertainment industry, not just with his music but also through acting and social media. Having released 11 albums, with 5 projects available on platforms like iTunes and Soundcloud, Latruth has independently sold over 300,000 units. His foray into acting and a strategic pause from music allowed him to grow his social media following dramatically, now boasting 8.1 million followers across various platforms.

His recent musical work, including the single “Don’t Disrespect” featuring Snoop Dogg, has achieved substantial online success, contributing to his winning a Hip-hop award at the Hollywood Music and Media Awards in 2017. Beyond music and acting, Latruth is dedicated to his role as a father, a theme that resonates through his creation of the clothing line “RFG Clothing” (Real Father Gang), highlighting his commitment to family alongside his artistic endeavors.

What happened to Robert Hampton?

Robert Hampton, successfully underwent a gastrectomy, removing his entire stomach due to cancer, and announced he is now cancer-free. This critical decision came after discovering he had the CDH1 gene mutation, which had tragically affected his sister with stomach cancer years prior.

Latruth’s proactive approach, including gene testing and regular checkups, played a pivotal role in catching the cancer early, thereby avoiding chemotherapy and ensuring a better outcome. Expressing his gratitude on social media, he acknowledged the changes ahead in living without a stomach but emphasized the procedure gave him the best chance at life for himself and his family, thanking everyone for their prayers and support.

Who is Robert Hampton’s Wife?

Robert Hampton is married to Briana Hampton, a social media personality, entrepreneur, author, and YouTuber who began posting content on TikTok in March 2020, amassing over 850,000 followers. She also shares lifestyle vlogs and prank videos on her Mrs LaTruth YouTube channel.

The couple resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with their four children, finding strength and connection through shared experiences of loss and grief, particularly the loss of their mothers to cancer, which brought them closer and deepened their relationship.

Briana navigated through her grief by focusing on her career and reached out to Robert, which led to a partnership not only in life but also in navigating the entertainment industry together, with their relationship built on understanding, communication, and mutual support.

What Movies Did Robert Hampton Play In?

Robert Hampton, also known as Latruth, has broadened his career from music to acting. He features in web series like “Will He Cheat” and “Netflix and Chill Role Reversal,” showcasing his versatility and talent in the acting sphere. These series have contributed to his growing popularity and have been well-received by audiences, highlighting his natural flair for acting beyond his established musical background.


Robert Hampton’s net worth of $30 million is a testament to his versatility and success in both the music industry and his entrepreneurial ventures. His journey reflects a blend of creative talent and business acumen.

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FAQs about Robert Hampton Net Worth
  1. How did Robert Hampton start his career? He began as a rapper and songwriter, eventually founding his own record label and clothing line.
  2. What are some of Robert Hampton’s notable collaborations? One of his notable collaborations is with Snoop Dogg in the song “Don’t Respect.”
  3. What business ventures has Robert Hampton pursued? He is the CEO of Fast Cash Records and the creator of RFG Clothing.
  4. Has Robert Hampton won any awards for his music? Specific award details are not mentioned, but his success in the industry is evident.
  5. Is Robert Hampton involved in any philanthropic activities? While his philanthropic activities are not detailed, his diverse career suggests a potential for involvement in various causes.

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