Nyashinski – Good Old Days EP Album

Nyashinski - Good Old Days EP Album MP3 DOWNLOAD

Nyashinski’s “Good Old Days” EP is a significant addition to his discography, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Released on January 26, 2024, this EP has been well-received, demonstrating Nyashinski’s expertise in R&B and Hip-Hop​​.

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The EP features a collection of songs that reflect various aspects of Nyashinski’s artistry. One of the tracks, “People,” is the fourth song on the EP and offers a reflective perspective on how people can be supportive or critical of his choices. This track exemplifies Nyashinski’s ability to deliver smooth lyrics with a catchy chorus, all set to a mellow beat and guitar riffs, highlighting his talent and personality as an artist​​.

Nyashinski, a Kenyan rapper and singer, first rose to fame as a member of the hip-hop group Kleptomaniax. He has been recognized for his contributions to music, including being nominated for Best Male Artiste in Eastern Africa at the All Africa Music Awards in 2022 and winning the title of Best Legendary Artiste at the East Africa Arts Entertainment Awards the same year​​.

Throughout his solo career, Nyashinski has released a variety of singles and albums that have showcased his lyrical skills and songwriting talents. His music often encompasses lighter, uplifting songs as well as more aggressive street tracks, reflecting a range of musical influences and styles​​.

The “Good Old Days” EP is a testament to Nyashinski’s ongoing evolution as an artist and his ability to connect with a wide audience through his music. With this EP, Nyashinski continues to cement his place as a significant figure in the Kenyan music scene and beyond.

Nyashinski – Good Old Days EP Album MP3 DOWNLOAD
  1. Nyashinski – Time Of My Life Ft Bien
  2. Nyashinski – Fly
  3. Nyashinski – Therapy
  4. Nyashinski – People
  5. Nyashinski – Utazoea (Symphony in F-Sharp Minor)
  6. Nyashinski – Time Of My Life II

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