Max Scherzer Wife: The Pitch of Love with Erica May-Scherzer

Max Scherzer Wife

Erica May-Scherzer, wife of renowned Texas Rangers pitcher Max Scherzer, embodies the role of a supportive partner, mother, and activist. Her journey alongside Max, from their college days to the pinnacle of his baseball career, illustrates a partnership based on mutual support, love, and shared values.

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Who is Erica May-Scherzer?

Erica May-Scherzer, originally from Colorado, is known not just as the wife of Max Scherzer but also as an individual with her own passions and commitments. She has been a historical researcher, a dedicated mother, and an active participant in various charitable causes, reflecting her multifaceted personality and dedication to her family and community.

How old is Erica May-Scherzer

While Erica May-Scherzer’s exact age isn’t widely publicized, it is known that she attended the University of Missouri in the early 2000s. Her age can be inferred to be in the same range as her husband, Max, who is currently in his late thirties.

Education and Career

Erica May-Scherzer’s educational journey began at the University of Missouri, where she also pursued her early career. Originally a historical researcher, Erica shifted her focus to charitable work, deeply involving herself in various causes and non-profit organizations across the cities where Max played.

Max Scherzer Wife

Max Scherzer’s wife, Erica May-Scherzer, stands as a significant figure in her own right. Beyond being a supportive partner to Max, she has carved out a role as an activist, volunteer, and dedicated mother, constantly balancing her personal aspirations with her commitments to her family.

How did Erica May-Scherzer and Max Scherzer meet?

The love story of Erica and Max Scherzer began at the University of Missouri. Both athletes in their respective sports, they started dating in 2004 during their freshman year and have since built a life together, navigating the ups and downs of a professional athlete’s life.

When did Erica May-Scherzer and Max Scherzer get married?

Erica and Max Scherzer’s wedding took place in 2013, nearly a decade after they first met. Their marriage in Arizona was a celebration of their long-standing relationship and a testament to their enduring love.

Do Erica May-Scherzer and Max Scherzer have kids?

The Scherzer family includes four children: daughters Brooklyn and Kacey, son Derek Alexander, and the newest addition, daughter Nikki. Their family life is often showcased on social media, reflecting the joy and chaos of parenting in a busy, sports-centered household.

Did Max Scherzer cheat on Erica May-Scherzer?

There are no reports or indications of infidelity in Max and Erica Scherzer’s relationship. Their public persona and social media presence suggest a strong, committed partnership based on mutual respect and love.

How long have Erica May-Scherzer and Max Scherzer been married?

As of now, Erica and Max Scherzer have been married for over a decade. Their marriage, beginning in 2013, has been a journey of growth, achievement, and shared experiences, solidified by their strong bond and commitment to each other.


Erica May-Scherzer, as Max Scherzer’s wife, represents a blend of strength, compassion, and dedication. Her role in Max’s life goes beyond just being a partner; she is a pillar in their family, an active contributor to society, and a symbol of unwavering support in the dynamic world of professional sports.

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FAQs about Max Scherzer Wife
  1. What are Erica May-Scherzer’s interests? Erica has a deep passion for animal welfare and has been involved in various charitable activities.
  2. What role has Erica played in Max’s career? She has been a constant source of support, accompanying him through different teams and cities.
  3. How does Erica balance family and volunteer work? Erica has skillfully balanced her role as a mother with her volunteer work, often involving her family in charitable causes.
  4. What charities is Erica involved with? She has been actively involved with organizations like The Polaris Project and others focused on animal welfare and community support.
  5. How has Erica’s background influenced her life? Erica’s experience as a historical researcher and her educational background have informed her approach to activism and philanthropy.

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