Ric Hassani – Hassani Workout Album

Listen to Ric Hassani - Hassani Workout Album

Nigerian pop singer Ric Hassani has recently launched a unique album titled “Hassani Workout,” which combines music with fitness. Known for his hit “Gentleman,” Hassani has extended his artistic range into the fitness realm, offering an innovative approach to workouts.

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The album “Hassani Workout” is designed specifically for cardio workouts, employing a Tabata-style approach. Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training, and this album is structured to support such exercises. It includes tracks that are organized into 8-cycle sets with pre-calculated rest times and a one-minute recovery period after every set. This structure allows users to plan their routines for the 8 sets and execute them effectively, all the while being motivated by Hassani’s music.

Playing the entire album provides a comprehensive one-hour cardio workout experience. Hassani’s aim with this album is to integrate music into fitness routines, making workouts more engaging and effective. The album is a part of Hassani’s broader fitness initiative under the “Hassani Fitness” umbrella.

Listen to Ric Hassani – Hassani Workout Album

“Hassani Workout” is now available for streaming and download, marking a significant step in Hassani’s career as he blends his musical talents with his passion for fitness. For more information and to experience this unique combination of music and exercise, you can visit Ric Hassani’s official website at or find the album on various music streaming platforms​​​​.

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