Josh Blue Net Worth: Exploring the Wealth of the Comedic Genius

Josh Blue Net Worth
Josh Blue Net Worth

Josh Blue has emerged as a prominent figure in the comedy world, blending his unique humor with a remarkable life journey. His financial success, much like his career, is a fascinating story to delve into.

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What is Josh Blue Net Worth?

Josh Blue, the acclaimed comedian and Paralympic soccer player, has built a substantial net worth of $1 million. This fortune is largely the result of his successful comedy career, which has brought him both fame and financial rewards.

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How old is Josh Blue

Josh Blue is 45 years old, showcasing a career that spans several decades and is filled with significant achievements and milestones.

Education and Career

Josh Blue kickstarted his comedy career with open mic nights at The Evergreen State College. He quickly gained popularity for his self-deprecating humor. In 2002, he won the Comedy Works New Faces contest. His career saw a significant boost after winning NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2006. Blue’s television appearances include Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia, Live with Regis and Kelly, and more. He also ventured into film and music videos, further diversifying his career.

How much does Blue’s Clues host make per episode?

As the host of Blue’s Clues, Josh Blue earned $50,000 per episode. This role contributed significantly to his net worth, especially considering his participation in 100 episodes.

Is Josh Blue still alive?

Josh Blue is very much alive and continues to reside in Denver, Colorado, with his two children. Alongside his comedy career, he is also active in the art world, creating and selling his artwork.

Is Josh Blue an artist?

Apart from his comedy, Josh Blue is a prolific artist, engaging in sketching, painting, and sculpting. He has had his artwork displayed at Ion Art Gallery in Denver, showcasing his versatility beyond the stage.

Where did Josh Blue go to college?

Josh Blue graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2001. He was a member of the 2004 U.S. Paralympic Soccer Team and gained significant recognition after winning Last Comic Standing on NBC.


Josh Blue’s journey in the world of comedy and art is a testament to his multifaceted talent and resilience. His net worth of $1 million underscores the success he has achieved in his diverse career.

FAQs about Josh Blue
  1. What distinguishes Josh Blue’s comedy style? Josh Blue is known for his self-deprecating humor and his ability to address his cerebral palsy in a light-hearted manner.
  2. Has Josh Blue won any major comedy competitions? Yes, he won NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2006 and various other comedy contests.
  3. What other TV appearances has Josh Blue made? He has been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Comics Unleashed, and multiple shows across networks like Fox, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC.
  4. What kind of art does Josh Blue create? Josh Blue is involved in sketching, painting, and sculpting, with his work being showcased in galleries.
  5. How has Josh Blue contributed to the sports world? Besides comedy, he was a member of the 2004 U.S. Paralympic Soccer Team that competed in Athens, Greece.

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