Josef Newgarden Wife: Racing to Love with Ashley Welch

Josef Newgarden Wife

Ashley Welch, known for her relationship with IndyCar Series champion Josef Newgarden, has shared a life that intertwines love and the exhilarating world of racing. Their story is a testament to enduring love amidst the fast-paced life of professional motorsports.

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Who is Ashley Welch?

Ashley Welch is notably recognized as the wife of Josef Newgarden, an accomplished American racing driver in the IndyCar Series. She has maintained a relatively private life outside of her public association with Newgarden.

How Old is Ashley Welch?

Ashley Welch’s exact age is not publicly known, but she is believed to be in the same age bracket as her husband, Josef Newgarden, who was born in 1990.

Education and Career

Details about Ashley Welch’s educational background and career path are not widely publicized. She has primarily been known in the public eye through her relationship with Josef Newgarden.

Josef Newgarden Wife

Ashley Welch stepped into the limelight through her marriage to Josef Newgarden, an IndyCar Series driver. Their relationship has been a subject of interest for fans of the racing community.

How did Josef Newgarden and Ashley Welch Meet?

The specifics of how Josef and Ashley met have been kept private. Their relationship progressed into a public affair when Newgarden announced their engagement.

When Did Josef Newgarden and Ashley Welch Get Married?

Josef Newgarden and Ashley Welch tied the knot in the fall of 2019 in Nashville, following their engagement in October 2018 during a trip to Japan.

Do Josef Newgarden and Ashley Welch Have Kids?

Yes, in 2022, Josef Newgarden and Ashley Welch welcomed their first child, marking a new chapter in their lives as parents.

Did Josef Newgarden Cheat on Ashley Welch?

There have been no public reports or allegations of infidelity on Josef Newgarden’s part. Their relationship appears to be grounded in mutual respect and affection.

How Long Have Josef Newgarden and Ashley Welch Been Married?

As of 2023, Josef Newgarden and Ashley Welch have been married for approximately four years, having wed in 2019.


The relationship between Josef Newgarden and Ashley Welch embodies a journey of shared experiences and support. Their life, set against the backdrop of professional racing, showcases a partnership that thrives both on and off the racing track.

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FAQs about Josef Newgarden Wife
  1. What is known about Ashley Welch’s background? Ashley Welch has kept most of her personal life private, including her background and professional endeavors.
  2. How do Josef and Ashley balance their personal life with Josef’s racing career? They manage to maintain a stable personal life despite the demands of Josef’s professional racing career, often seen supporting each other at events.
  3. What are Ashley Welch’s interests and hobbies? Specific interests and hobbies of Ashley Welch are not publicly known, as she maintains a low profile.
  4. How has Ashley Welch supported Josef Newgarden’s career? Ashley has been a supportive partner, often seen accompanying Josef at racing events and sharing in his professional milestones.
  5. What is the couple’s approach to parenting? Josef and Ashley have embraced parenthood with excitement, as evident from their announcements and updates about their family life.

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