Is Will Byers Gay? Investigating the ‘Stranger Things’ Character’s Sexuality

Is Will Byers Gay

The sexuality of Will Byers, a character from the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things,” has been a topic of considerable discussion among fans. Recent revelations have shed light on this aspect of his character, inviting a deeper exploration into his personal narrative within the series.

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Who is Will Byers

Will Byers, portrayed by actor Noah Schnapp, is a central character in “Stranger Things”. Known for his quiet, sensitive nature, Will’s experiences in the Upside Down and his struggles in the fictional town of Hawkins have been a key focus of the series since its inception.

Education and Career

In the context of the show, Will Byers is a young student in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. While the show does not delve deeply into his academic pursuits, his character’s journey is more about his personal struggles and experiences with the supernatural elements of the series.

Will Byers Gay

Actor Noah Schnapp confirmed in an interview with Variety that his character, Will Byers, is gay and harbors feelings for his best friend, Mike Wheeler. This revelation provides depth to Will’s character, offering a perspective on his inner conflicts and emotional journey.

Does Will Byers Have a Boyfriend?

As of the latest season, Will does not have a boyfriend. The narrative has focused on his unrequited love for Mike Wheeler, adding complexity to his character and his relationships with others in the series.

Does Will Byers Have a Twin?

In real life, Noah Schnapp, the actor who plays Will Byers, has a twin sister named Chloe. However, within the “Stranger Things” storyline, Will Byers does not have a twin.

Does Will Byers Have Powers?

Following his encounters in the Upside Down, Will developed a unique ability to sense the presence of the Mind Flayer, experiencing a distinct sensation at the back of his neck. This ability is a side effect of his experiences with the supernatural elements in the series.

Did Will Byers Love Eleven?

The show revealed that Will’s affections are directed towards Mike Wheeler rather than Eleven. His relationship with Eleven is that of friends and fellow members of their close-knit group.

Is Will Byers a Demogorgon?

A popular fan theory suggests that Will Byers could be a future version of the Demogorgon, a creature from the Upside Down. However, this remains a speculative theory and has not been confirmed by the show’s narrative.


Will Byers’ character in “Stranger Things” has evolved significantly over the series, with recent developments about his sexuality adding further depth to his portrayal. His journey reflects the complexities of growing up, identity, and friendship in the face of extraordinary circumstances.

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FAQs about Will Byers Gay
  1. How has Will Byers’ character developed over the series? Will’s character has grown from a victim of the Upside Down to a more complex figure grappling with personal and supernatural challenges.
  2. What is the significance of Will Byers’ sexuality in the series? Will’s sexuality adds depth to his character and highlights themes of identity and unrequited love in the series.
  3. How do Will’s experiences in the Upside Down affect him? His experiences leave him with trauma and a unique connection to the supernatural elements of the show.
  4. How is Will Byers’ relationship with his friends portrayed? Will shares a deep bond with his friends, marked by loyalty and shared experiences of extraordinary events.
  5. What has been the fan reaction to the development of Will’s character? Fans have shown a range of reactions, from support and empathy to curiosity about how his character will continue to evolve.

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