Iam Tongi Weight and Height: The Stats of the Fitness Icon

Iam Tongi Weight and Height

Iam Tongi, a name that has recently become synonymous with talent and charisma in the world of reality TV, especially after his remarkable journey in American Idol Season 21.

This article delves into the life of Iam Tongi, exploring his biography, career achievements, physical stats, and more, offering a comprehensive look at this rising star.

Who is Iam Tongi?

William Guy Tongi, known popularly as Iam Tongi, is a young musician who has captured the hearts of many through his soulful performances on American Idol. Born on September 1, 2004, in Kahuku, Hawaii, Tongi celebrates his birthday every year on this day.

How old is Iam Tongi?

20 years old,

As of 2024, Iam Tongi is 20 years old, having been born in 2004.


Iam Tongi completed his schooling at Decatur High School. This early education likely played a role in shaping his artistic pursuits.


Iam Tongi’s career took a significant leap when he auditioned for the 21st season of American Idol. His performance of “Monsters” by James Blunt moved the judges and audience alike. A skilled ukulele and guitar player, Tongi started honing his musical skills in fifth grade. His presence on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where he shares song covers, further amplified his popularity.

Do Iam Tongi have kids?

As of now, there is no public information about Iam Tongi having any children. He is currently unmarried and focusing on his burgeoning career.

Iam Tongi Weight and Height

Iam Tongi stands tall at 6 feet and weighs around 135 kg (297.6 lbs). His physical stature complements his strong stage presence.

What is the religion of Iam Tongi?

His family relocated to Federal Way, Washington in the summer of 2019, where he attended Federal Way High School, then later transferred and graduated from Decatur High School. He is of Tongan, Samoan and Irish descent. Tongi is also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Who was IAM Tongi’s father?

And the person that you’re talking to there, the person that you’ll be seeing is your dad, Rodney, who unfortunately passed away a short time before you auditioned for “American Idol” – a few months before.

How much money does iam tongi win?


Danielle sang her song “Dream Girl,” and Tongi performed his original single “I’ll Be Seeing You,” which ultimately won him the coveted $250,000 prize and a recording contract with Hollywood Records/19 Recordings.


Iam Tongi’s journey from a high school student to an American Idol sensation is a testament to his talent and determination. With his unique voice and musical skills, Tongi is not just a singer but an artist who connects with his audience on a deeper level. As he continues his journey in the music industry, his fans eagerly await his next move.

FAQs about Iam Tongi Weight and Height: The Stats of the Fitness Icon
  1. How tall is Iam Tongi?
    • Iam Tongi is 6 feet tall.
  2. What is Iam Tongi’s weight?
    • He weighs around 135 kg (297.6 lbs).
  3. What is Iam Tongi’s age?
    • As of 2023, he is 19 years old.
  4. Which high school did Iam Tongi attend?
    • He attended Decatur High School.
  5. What made Iam Tongi famous?
    • His participation and performances in American Idol Season 21 brought him into the limelight.

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