Hapyhipi Net Worth: The Social Media Star’s Digital Dollars

Hapyhipi Net Worth

Hapyhipi, known for his unique car collection and a significant presence on social media platforms, has etched his name among the most fascinating car enthusiasts. This article delves into the life of Tim Schmidt, popularly known as Hapyhipi, exploring his journey from a hobbyist to a social media sensation and a successful investor.

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Who is Hapyhipi?

Hapyhipi, or Tim Schmidt, is a Canadian native splitting his time between Florida and Ontario. He is well-known among car enthusiasts and on social media platforms for his extensive and unique car collection. His vibrant Instagram handle, @hapyhipi, boasts a substantial following, making him an influential figure in the automotive community.

Education and Career

Tim was born into the world of cars, with his father, Mike Schmidt, being the founder of an auto parts company. While his educational background remains private, his career is predominantly marked by his passion for cars, investments, and social media influence.

Hapyhipi Net Worth

Hapyhipi’s net worth is primarily rooted in his car collection, estimated to be worth $20 million. Besides, he is also recognized as a social media influencer and an investor, which contribute to his wealth.

Why is Hapyhipi So Famous?

Hapyhipi’s fame can be attributed to his exceptional car collection that features exotic, vintage, and quirky models. His social media presence, where he showcases his collection, has garnered him a significant following and made him a notable figure among car lovers.

How Does Hapyhipi Earn His Money?

While the primary source of Hapyhipi’s wealth is his car collection, he also earns through his social media influence, investments, and the Hapy Hipi Studios.

Where is Hapyhipi Currently Living?

Tim Schmidt is known to split his time between his properties in Florida and Ontario, where he houses his impressive car collection.

How Did Hapyhipi Get So Rich?

Hapyhipi’s wealth is largely attributed to his passion for collecting cars, which has resulted in a valuable collection. His savvy investments and social media influence also play a role in his financial success.

Is Hapyhipi Married?

Yes, Hapyhipi, or Tim Schmidt, is married to Christine Wheeler, known on Instagram as @misshippi_66. She shares his passion for cars and often features in his social media posts.


Hapyhipi, or Tim Schmidt, has transformed his passion for cars into a lucrative venture. With a net worth estimated at $20 million, his journey from collecting Hot Wheels to owning a fleet of exotic cars is nothing short of inspiring. His presence in the digital world further amplifies his influence, making him a prominent figure in the car enthusiast community.

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FAQs about Hapyhipi’s Net Worth
  1. What are some of the notable cars in Hapyhipi’s collection? His collection includes luxury and supercars, each holding significant value and uniqueness.
  2. Has Hapyhipi faced any challenges with his car collection? Yes, in 2019, a fire in Rio Vista, Florida, destroyed part of his car collection and his property.
  3. What is unique about Hapyhipi’s social media presence? Hapyhipi’s Instagram handle features his car collection, attracting car enthusiasts and contributing to his fame.
  4. How does Hapyhipi contribute to the automotive community? Beyond his collection, Hapyhipi shares his passion and knowledge with a vast audience, making him a respected figure in the community.
  5. What makes Hapyhipi’s collection stand out? The diversity, rarity, and the personal touch he adds to each car make his collection extraordinary and highly valued.

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