Who is Griffin Arthur Fraser? What happened to Brendan Fraser’s son?

Who is Griffin Arthur Fraser? What happened to Brendan Fraser's son?

Griffin Arthur Fraser is known for being the son of Brendan Fraser, an actor celebrated for his roles in films like “The Mummy” series. Griffin, living a relatively private life, is often mentioned in the context of his father’s public and personal life.

Who is Griffin Arthur Fraser?

Griffin Arthur Fraser, born on September 17, 2002, in Los Angeles, California, is the eldest son of the renowned Canadian-American actor Brendan Fraser and his former wife, Afton Smith.

How old is Griffin Arthur Fraser?

Born in 2002, Griffin Arthur Fraser is 22 years old as of 2024.

Early Life and Educational Background

Griffin was born and raised in a family with significant ties to Hollywood. His educational background remains undisclosed, but he is believed to have completed his primary and secondary education at reputable institutions.


As of 2024, there’s no public information about Griffin’s career. He is still pursuing his education and residing with his parents.

Is Griffin Arthur Fraser Dead?

No, Griffin Arthur Fraser is alive and well as of the latest reports.

What did Brendan Fraser’s kids say about his Oscars 2023 nomination?

Brendan’s sons, including Griffin, expressed immense pride and joy over their father’s nomination for his role in “The Whale.” They celebrated this achievement with a surprise cake and balloons.

Does Brendan Fraser have a relationship with his kids?

Brendan maintains a close relationship with his sons, often seen together at public events and sharing moments of personal triumph.

Info about Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser, born on December 3, 1968, is a celebrated actor known for his roles in high-profile films. He experienced a hiatus from Hollywood

due to personal and health issues but made a remarkable comeback with his role in “The Whale.”

Does Brendan Fraser have three sons?

Yes, Brendan Fraser is a father to three sons: Griffin Arthur, Holden Fletcher, and Leland Francis Fraser, born to him and his ex-wife Afton Smith.

What happened to Brendan Fraser’s health?

Brendan Fraser underwent multiple surgeries over seven years, including a laminectomy, lumbar surgery, partial knee replacement, and vocal cord repair, contributing to his temporary withdrawal from Hollywood.

Why did Brendan Fraser’s career end?

Brendan Fraser’s career didn’t end, but he took a hiatus from Hollywood due to health issues, personal struggles, and an incident of sexual harassment. He has since made a comeback.

Griffin Arthur Fraser Height and Weight

Griffin stands at approximately 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) and weighs about 55 kg (121 lbs). He has brown eyes and black hair.

Griffin Arthur Fraser’s Net Worth

Griffin Arthur Fraser does not have an independent net worth as he is still completing his education and living with his father.


Griffin Arthur Fraser, despite his famous lineage, has maintained a life away from the public eye. His father, Brendan Fraser, has had a significant impact on Hollywood and continues to be an inspirational figure in his sons’ lives.

Frequent-Asked Questions about Griffin Arthur Fraser
  1. Who are Griffin Arthur Fraser’s parents? Griffin’s parents are actors Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith.
  2. What is known about Griffin Arthur Fraser’s education? Details about Griffin’s education are not publicly disclosed, but he has completed primary and secondary education at reputed schools.
  3. Does Griffin Arthur Fraser have siblings? Yes, he has two younger brothers, Holden Fletcher Fraser and Leland Francis Fraser.
  4. What is Griffin Arthur Fraser’s ethnicity? Griffin comes from a mixed ethnic background, including Irish, Scottish, German, Czech, and French-Canadian.
  5. Is Griffin Arthur Fraser involved in the entertainment industry? As of now, there is no information about Griffin’s involvement in the entertainment industry.

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