Duane Chapman New Wife: The Bounty Hunter’s Love with Francie Frane

Duane Chapman New Wife

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, a television personality known for his bounty hunting shows, has embarked on a new chapter in his life with Francie Frane. Their relationship, blossoming from shared experiences of loss and grief, represents a new beginning for both. This article explores their journey together, from their initial meeting to their shared goals and life on Marco Island.

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Who is Francie Frane?

Francie Frane, a native Colorado rancher, came into the public eye through her relationship with Duane Chapman. Like Duane, Francie experienced the pain of losing a spouse to cancer, which deeply impacted her life. Her background in ranching and her resilience through personal tragedies have shaped her into a strong, compassionate individual.

How old is Francie Frane?

Details about Francie Frane’s exact age are not widely publicized. However, it’s known that she shares a profound connection with Duane Chapman, who is in his late sixties, through their similar life experiences and age group.

Education and Career

Francie Frane’s educational background and career details are relatively private. What’s known is her involvement in ranching in Colorado, a testament to her hardworking and down-to-earth nature. Her skills and experience in this field reflect a life dedicated to hands-on, practical work.

Duane Chapman New Wife

Duane Chapman’s new wife, Francie Frane, has become a significant figure in his life. Their relationship is built on mutual understanding and support, especially in dealing with the loss of their previous spouses. Francie, stepping into the limelight alongside Duane, has embraced the challenges and changes that come with being part of a well-known personality’s life.

How did Duane Chapman and Francie Frane meet?

The story of how Duane Chapman and Francie Frane met is unique and touching. It began with a chance phone call made by Duane to Francie, seeking services from her late husband’s business. This call, initially a misunderstanding, led to a deep and meaningful conversation, bonding them through their shared experiences of loss and grief.

When did Duane Chapman and Francie Frane get married?

Duane Chapman and Francie Frane were married on September 2, 2021, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The wedding, attended by close family and friends, symbolized a new beginning for the couple, who had both previously lost their spouses to cancer.

Do Duane Chapman and Francie Frane have kids?

There is no public information indicating that Duane Chapman and Francie Frane have children together. Both have children from their previous marriages, and their blended family reflects their commitment to each other and to their loved ones.

Did Duane Chapman cheat on Francie Frane?

There are no credible reports or indications that Duane Chapman has been unfaithful to Francie Frane. Their relationship appears to be based on mutual trust and respect, strengthened by their shared life experiences.

How long have Duane Chapman and Francie Frane been married?

As of now, Duane Chapman and Francie Frane have been married for a short time, since their wedding in September 2021. Their relationship, though relatively new, has been marked by deep connection and support for one another.


The love story of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and Francie Frane is a testament to finding love and companionship after loss. Their journey together, marked by shared grief and healing, has become a source of inspiration and hope for many.

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FAQs about Duane Chapman New Wife
  1. How did Duane Chapman and Francie Frane meet? Through a chance phone call related to Duane seeking services from Francie’s late husband’s business.
  2. What common experiences brought Duane and Francie together? Both lost their previous spouses to cancer, which formed the basis of their deep connection.
  3. What are the couple’s plans for the future? They are dedicated to helping abused women in Southwest Florida and have settled in Marco Island for this purpose.
  4. Has Francie Frane appeared on television with Duane? Information about Francie’s involvement in Duane’s television ventures is not widely publicized.
  5. What role does faith play in their relationship? Both Duane and Francie have spoken about the role of faith in bringing them together and guiding their journey.

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