David Draiman Net Worth: The Disturbed Singer’s Rock Riches

David Draiman Net Worth

David Draiman, known for his distinctive voice and dynamic stage presence, is the frontman of the heavy metal band Disturbed. His journey in the music industry has led to substantial financial success.

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Who is David Draiman?

David Draiman is an American singer, songwriter, and producer, best known as the lead vocalist of Disturbed. He’s renowned for his powerful voice and unique singing style.

Early life

Born on March 13, 1973, in Brooklyn, New York, David Draiman grew up in a Jewish family. He faced significant challenges in his youth, including his father’s imprisonment and struggles with faith and identity.

Personal life

David Draiman married Lena Yada in 2011, with whom he has a son. They divorced in 2023, and as of January 2024, he is in a relationship with model Sarah Uli. He’s known for his political and social activism.


Draiman’s career took off when he joined Disturbed in 1996. The band has released multiple albums, with hits like “Down with the Sickness” and “The Sound of Silence” cover, contributing to his fame and fortune.

David Draiman Net worth

As of 2024, David Draiman’s net worth is estimated at $8 million, accumulated through his music career with Disturbed and other musical projects.

How many albums has Disturbed sold?

Disturbed has sold over 17 million records worldwide, with their albums receiving multiple RIAA certifications, including a 5x platinum for “The Sickness.”

Why is David Draiman so famous?

David Draiman gained fame for his distinctive vocal style and as the lead singer of Disturbed. His ability to blend aggression with melody in songs has garnered him a spot among the top metal vocalists.

How many times has David Draiman been married?

David Draiman has been married twice. His first marriage was to Lena Yada, and after their divorce, he entered into a relationship with Sarah Uli.


David Draiman’s successful career with Disturbed and his solo ventures have solidified his status as a rock icon. His net worth of $8 million is a reflection of his impact on the music industry.

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FAQs about David Draiman
  1. What notable achievements has Disturbed made under David Draiman’s lead? Disturbed, with Draiman, has received two Grammy Award nominations and numerous other accolades, becoming one of the most successful metal bands.
  2. What other musical projects has David Draiman been involved in? Besides Disturbed, Draiman formed the band Device and released a self-titled album in 2013.
  3. What influence has David Draiman had in the metal music genre? Draiman’s unique vocal style and the band’s hit songs have significantly influenced the heavy metal and hard rock genres.
  4. Has David Draiman been involved in any activism or charity work? Draiman is known for his outspoken political views and support for various social causes, including animal rights and humanitarian efforts.
  5. How has David Draiman’s personal life influenced his music? His personal experiences, including struggles with substance abuse and relationships, have often been reflected in his music, adding depth and authenticity to his songs.

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