Cassidy Zee Gorden: Inside the Life of Jacklyn Zeman’s Daughter

Cassidy Zee Gorden

Cassidy Zee Gorden – renowned as the eldest daughter of the celebrated actress Jacklyn Zeman, has carved a distinctive identity for herself, separate from the glitz and glamour of her mother’s Hollywood fame.

Her life story reveals a journey marked by personal choices that veer away from the typical narrative of celebrity offspring.

Who is Cassidy Zee Gorden

Cassidy Zee Gorden is the firstborn of Jacklyn Zeman, the actress who gained fame for her role as Bobbie Spencer in “General Hospital.” Unlike her mother, Cassidy has maintained a low-profile life, making deliberate choices to stay out of the public eye.

How old is Cassidy Zee Gorden

Born on September 16, 1990, Cassidy Zee Gorden is 33 years old as of 2024.


She completed her education at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, earning a degree in Communication in 2012.


Cassidy’s career trajectory took her into the realms of marketing and communications. She has worked with high-profile brands like The Honest Company, Airbnb, and Stitch Fix, and later joined Grove Collaborative as the Senior Manager of Brand Marketing.

Does Cassidy Zee Gorden have kids?

Yes, Cassidy Zee Gorden is a mother to two children, Kennedy Elise and Decker Remington, shared with her husband, Cutter MacLeod.

Emerging Actress on the Rise

Contrary to what one might expect from the daughter of a soap opera icon, Cassidy Zee did not pursue acting as a career, despite showing an interest in it during her high school days.


Cassidy Zee Gorden represents a modern woman who, despite her lineage in a celebrity family, chose to forge her own path and establish a career based on her personal interests and skills, all while maintaining a significant degree of privacy.

FAQs about Cassidy Zee Gorden: Inside the Life of Jacklyn Zeman’s Daughter
  1. What is Cassidy Zee Gorden known for? Cassidy is known primarily as Jacklyn Zeman’s daughter but has established herself in the field of marketing and communications.
  2. How did Cassidy Zee Gorden’s early life influence her career? Growing up as a celebrity’s child, she was exposed to the entertainment industry but chose a different path, focusing on her education and career in marketing.
  3. Who is Cassidy Zee Gorden married to? She is married to Cutter MacLeod, whom she met in high school.
  4. What are some of Cassidy Zee Gorden’s personal achievements? Apart from her successful career, she is actively involved in humanitarian work, especially in mental health advocacy.
  5. How does Cassidy Zee Gorden balance her personal and professional life? Cassidy maintains a low profile, carefully balancing her professional responsibilities with her roles as a wife and mother.

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