Aurora Culpo Ex-Husband: Brief Love with Mikey Bortone

Aurora Culpo Ex-Husband

Aurora Culpo, known for her presence in the reality TV show “The Culpo Sisters,” experienced a brief but impactful marital journey with Mikey Bortone. Their relationship, transitioning from love to a complicated split, reflects the challenges of balancing personal life under public scrutiny.

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Who is Mikey Bortone?

Mikey Bortone, a former participant on the reality show “Survivor: Micronesia,” gained public attention through his appearance on the series and his subsequent marriage to Aurora Culpo. He has dabbled in various professions, including acting, writing, and entrepreneurship.

How old is Mikey Bortone

Born on April 1, 1978, Mikey Bortone is currently 45 years old. His diverse career and reality TV appearance have added different facets to his public persona.

Education and Career

Mikey Bortone’s educational background is not widely publicized. Professionally, he has ventured into acting, with a few credits to his name, and entrepreneurship, having started Watertown Whiskey. His stint on “Survivor” remains a notable highlight of his career.

Aurora Culpo’s Ex-Husband

Aurora Culpo’s ex-husband, Mikey Bortone, is recognized for his reality TV appearance and his marriage to Aurora. Their relationship has been a subject of public interest, particularly following the revelations of their marital struggles and eventual divorce.

How did Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo meet?

Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo’s meeting details are not widely known. However, their relationship started in 2014, leading to a marriage that would later face significant challenges.

When did Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo get married?

Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo tied the knot in May 2019 at Hotel Esencia in Tulum, Mexico. Their marriage was celebrated amidst family and friends, marking a new chapter in their lives.

Do Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo have kids?

Yes, Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo are parents to two children, Remi and Solei. Despite their marital troubles, both have expressed a desire for amicable joint custody, prioritizing their children’s well-being.

Did Mikey Bortone cheat on Aurora Culpo?

The couple’s marriage faced turmoil due to Mikey Bortone’s infidelity. Aurora Culpo’s allowance of a “hall pass” in their relationship was breached by Bortone, leading to their separation and subsequent divorce proceedings.

How long were Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo married?

Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo were married for approximately three years before their separation in January 2022 and the initiation of divorce proceedings in April 2022.


The marriage of Aurora Culpo and Mikey Bortone, though brief, was a journey marked by love, challenges, and eventual heartbreak. Their story, unfolding in the public eye, highlights the complexities of relationships in the modern world of reality television and social media.

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FAQs about Aurora Culpo’s Ex-Husband
  1. What is Mikey Bortone’s claim to fame? Mikey Bortone is best known for his appearance on “Survivor: Micronesia” and his marriage to Aurora Culpo.
  2. What led to Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo’s divorce? Their divorce stemmed from issues of trust and infidelity, challenging the boundaries they had set in their relationship.
  3. What are Mikey Bortone’s professional pursuits? Beyond reality TV, Bortone has pursued acting and entrepreneurship, including starting a whiskey brand.
  4. How has Mikey Bortone’s relationship with Aurora Culpo affected their children? The couple has focused on ensuring their children’s stability and well-being amidst their marital issues.
  5. What lessons can be learned from Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo’s relationship? Their relationship underscores the importance of trust, communication, and boundaries in a marriage.

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