Who is Ashley McArthur? Where is she Now?

Who is Ashley McArthur? Where is she Now?

The case of Ashley McArthur, who was involved in the murder of private investigator Taylor Wright, has caught the attention of many. This article delves into who Ashley McArthur is, her current whereabouts, the infamous case, and the key people involved.

Who is Ashley McArthur?

Ashley McArthur, born on August 22, 1977, in Pensacola, Florida, is a former crime scene technician who was convicted in the murder of Taylor Wright. McArthur, once considered a close friend of Wright, found herself at the center of a criminal investigation following Wright’s disappearance.

Where is Ashley McArthur Now?

As of the latest reports, Ashley McArthur is serving a life sentence in prison. Convicted in 2019 for the first-degree murder of Taylor Wright, McArthur remains incarcerated at Lowell Annex Correctional Institution in Ocala, Florida.

How Can I Watch Taylor Wright’s Dateline NBC Episode?

The tragic story of Taylor Wright’s murder was featured in a Dateline NBC episode titled “The Necklace.” It originally aired on July 14, 2023, and can be watched on streaming platforms like Hulu or Peacock for those who missed the broadcast.

Where is Casandra Waller Now?

Casandra Waller, the girlfriend of Taylor Wright at the time of her murder, testified during McArthur’s trial. Waller, deeply affected by Wright’s death, continues her life in Florida, working within the Escambia County Public School system. She has been recognized for her services in education and support for students experiencing homelessness.

Who is Taylor Wright’s Ex-Husband?

Jeff Wright, Taylor Wright’s ex-husband, was briefly considered a person of interest in the murder case. The couple was undergoing a contentious divorce at the time of Taylor’s death. Jeff testified during McArthur’s trial, though he was not found to be involved in the crime.


The case of Ashley McArthur and the murder of Taylor Wright is a grim reminder of trust betrayed and the tragic consequences that can follow. McArthur’s conviction brings some closure to a case that shook the community, and the story continues to be a topic of interest for many.

FAQs about the Case
  1. What was the motive behind Taylor Wright’s murder?
    • The motive is believed to be related to a financial dispute over $34,000 that Wright had given McArthur to hold.
  2. How was Ashley McArthur convicted?
    • Key evidence, including the discovery of Wright’s remains on McArthur’s family farm and financial irregularities, led to her conviction.
  3. What role did Casandra Waller play in the case?
    • Waller, Taylor Wright’s girlfriend, testified against McArthur, contributing to her conviction.
  4. What happened to the money Taylor Wright gave McArthur?
    • It’s reported that McArthur spent some of the money and put it in an inaccessible account.
  5. Has Ashley McArthur shown remorse for her actions?
    • Publicly, there has been no report of McArthur expressing remorse for the murder of Taylor Wright.

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