Who is Tony Hawk’s Wife? Mett Catherine Goodman

Tony Hawk Wife

Cathy Goodman, the wife of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, shares more than just a marital bond with him; their connection extends into the world of skateboarding and creative pursuits. A native of Michigan, Cathy grew up as a punk rocker who skated in the ’80s, embodying a unique spirit that complements Hawk’s iconic skateboarding legacy.

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Who is Tony Hawk’s Wife, Catherine Goodman?

Tony Hawk married Catherine Goodman, a British artist, on June 27, 2015, in Limerick, Ireland, marking his fourth marriage. The couple shares a deep connection with a unique approach to life and parenting, enjoying the challenges and rewards of raising children together, including Tony’s four children from previous relationships.

They frequently appear together at public events, such as the 2022 Academy Awards, showcasing their strong partnership. Catherine, described by Tony as the “quintessential co-parent,” has been a significant and supportive figure in his life, both personally and publicly.


Catherine Goodman has established her career as an associate producer with involvement in various film and TV projects, including the 1997 film Digging to China with Kevin Bacon and several episodes of Erotic Confessions and Intimate Sessions. Her last film role was in 2000’s Red Letters, and she has since moved to theatrical productions.

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Currently, she and Tony Hawk are collaborating on a Broadway musical titled Slam, set to preview on December 31, 2023, which features live skating and dramatizes the life challenges of a young skateboarder.

How long have they been married?

Tony Hawk and Catherine Goodman have been married since June 27, 2015, after tying the knot in a ceremony held at the Adare Manor in Limerick, Ireland. The couple coordinated in black attire for their wedding, where Goodman completed her look with a distinctive lace headpiece from AMAROQ Design, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere of the event.

They have maintained their union for over eight years, celebrating their commitment amidst family and friends, including Goodman’s previous husband and Hawk’s friend, Matthew Goodman, who has expressed his support for the couple’s happiness.

Do they have kids?

Tony and Catherine Hawk do not have biological children together, but they share a blended family that includes Catherine’s two sons from her previous marriage, Miles and Calvin, and Tony’s four children, Riley, Spencer, Keegan, and Kadence, from his previous relationships.

Catherine actively celebrates her sons on social media and cherishes the strong bond all the siblings share, emphasizing the harmonious family dynamics and the close relationships among the stepsiblings. The couple’s effective co-parenting approach fosters a loving and integrated family environment, ensuring all children involved experience the benefits of a supportive family network.

How Did They Make the Most of the Pandemic?

In July 2020, Tony Hawk, his wife Catherine Goodman, and their children embarked on a Griswold-inspired RV road trip across states they’d never visited including Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Colorado, as they sought to escape the confines of lockdown.

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The family adhered to COVID-19 guidelines while exploring iconic destinations, with Hawk noting the absence of traffic as a novel benefit of the pandemic circumstances. This adventure marked a significant change from Hawk’s usual summer travels for work, providing his family a unique opportunity to bond and make memories during an otherwise challenging time.


The relationship between Cathy Goodman and Tony Hawk is a testament to their shared passions, supportive nature, and creative endeavors. Their journey together highlights a deep connection rooted in skateboarding, family, and artistic collaboration.

FAQs about Catherine Goodman
  1. What was Cathy Goodman’s lifestyle like before marrying Tony Hawk?
    • Cathy was immersed in the punk rock scene and was an avid skater during her youth in Michigan.
  2. What are some of Cathy Goodman’s professional accomplishments?
    • She is a successful producer known for her work in theater and film, along with her humanitarian efforts.
  3. How did Cathy Goodman’s relationship with Tony Hawk evolve?
    • They transitioned from friends to romantic partners following Cathy’s divorce from Hawk’s friend, Matt Goodman.
  4. What was notable about Cathy and Tony Hawk’s wedding?
    • Their wedding in Ireland was unique, featuring Cathy in a black lace gown, symbolizing their unconventional and deep bond.
  5. How do Cathy Goodman and Tony Hawk approach family life?
    • They co-parent their children from previous relationships, creating a harmonious and blended family dynamic.

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