Tom DeLonge Wife: The Rockstar Romance with Rose-Marie Berryman

Tom DeLonge Wife

Discover the story of Rose-Marie Berryman, the wife of Tom DeLonge, a renowned musician known for his work with Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves. This article explores their relationship and the life of Rose-Marie, who maintains a private life despite her high-profile marriage.

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Who is Tom DeLonge’s Wife?

Rose-Marie Berryman is known for her private life despite being married to Tom DeLonge, a prominent musician recognized for his involvement with Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves. As of 2024, she is approximately four years younger than her husband, making her around 45 years old. She was born 1979.


Rose-Marie Berryman’s work experience includes roles as a Graphic Designer and Client Liaison at Blueriver Creative, a Freelance Graphic Designer at Style Savvy, and a Volunteer Designer at Equippers Church. This online portfolio gives a glimpse into her professional life, showcasing her involvement in graphic design and creative projects

Tom DeLonge Wife

Rose-Marie Berryman became known as Tom DeLonge’s wife after their marriage. Despite being married to a public figure, she has maintained a level of privacy and normalcy in her life.

When Did They Get Married?

The couple married in a quiet ceremony after being engaged for over a year and a half, choosing a simple courthouse visit for their nuptials. They do not have children together, but both have children from previous relationships, forming a blended family. Despite being married to a well-known public figure, Rose-Marie has successfully kept her personal and professional life out of the public eye, suggesting a preference for privacy and normalcy​

How Long Have They Been Married?

Tom DeLonge, known for his influential role in the punk rock scene as a member of Blink-182 and later with his band Angels & Airwaves, has been married to Rose-Marie Berryman since early May 2021. This means the couple has celebrated over three years of marriage as of 2024. Their union is a significant chapter in DeLonge’s life, complementing his accomplishments and fame in the music industry.

What Made Her Husband Famous?

Tom DeLonge achieved fame through his pivotal role as the frontman and guitarist for Blink-182, a band that played a crucial role in popularizing punk rock in the late 1990s and early 2000s. His distinctive vocal style and engaging stage presence, alongside his contributions to the band’s catchy and energetic songs, cemented his status in the music world. Beyond Blink-182, DeLonge founded Angels & Airwaves, continuing to explore and contribute to the alternative rock genre. His work with both bands, characterized by memorable melodies and lyrical depth, has made a lasting impact on fans and the music industry alike.

Mark Hoppus is the wealthiest member of the iconic punk rock band Blink-182. As of 2023, Hoppus’s net worth is estimated to be around $80 million, making him the richest among his bandmates. This financial status highlights his success both within the band and through various other endeavors in the music industry, including producing and other musical projects.

As of now, no members of Blink-182 have passed away. Travis Barker, the band’s drummer, survived a tragic plane crash in 2008, which resulted in severe burns and required months of recovery. While the crash was fatal for other passengers, Barker and DJ AM (Adam Goldstein), who also survived the crash initially, were the only two survivors. Goldstein later passed away in 2009 due to unrelated causes. This event marked a significant and traumatic moment in Barker’s life, but it did not claim the life of any Blink-182 members.


Rose-Marie Berryman, wife of musician Tom DeLonge, remains a figure of curiosity due to her private nature. Her life, though intertwined with a public figure, remains largely out of the public eye, exemplifying a desire for normalcy and privacy.

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FAQs about Rose-Marie Berryman
  1. Who is Rose-Marie Berryman? She is known as the wife of musician Tom DeLonge.
  2. How old is she? She is approximately 45 years old as of 2024.
  3. Do Tom DeLonge and Rose-Marie Berryman have children together? They do not have children together, but both have children from previous relationships.
  4. What is known about her career? Details about her career are not publicly known.
  5. How does she manage her privacy? Rose-Marie Berryman maintains a low profile, keeping her personal and professional life private despite her high-profile marriage.

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