Tom DeLonge Ex-Wife: The Early Love with Jennifer DeLonge

Tom DeLonge Ex-Wife

Jennifer DeLonge, the ex-wife of musician Tom DeLonge, entered the spotlight through her relationship with the Blink-182 frontman. Their story began in high school and blossomed into a marriage that coincided with the peak of Tom’s musical career. This article delves into the life of Jennifer, exploring her journey alongside and beyond her marriage to Tom DeLonge.

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Who is Tom DeLonge’s Ex-Wife?

Jennifer DeLonge, born Jennifer Jenkins, is an accomplished interior designer, entrepreneur, and the former wife of musician Tom DeLonge. Known for her unique style in design, Jennifer has made a name for herself in the interior design industry, distinct from her association with Tom.

How old is Tom DeLonge’s Ex-Wife?

As of 2023, Jennifer DeLonge is in her early 40s. Her life has been marked by her evolution from a high school sweetheart to a successful entrepreneur and interior designer.


Jennifer DeLonge’s educational background, particularly in the fields that led to her career in interior design, is a testament to her expertise and dedication. Details of her specific educational institutions are not widely publicized.


Jennifer DeLonge’s career is characterized by her achievements in interior design. Her approach focuses on creating light-filled, energizing spaces that reflect her clients’ lifestyles. She has established herself as a respected entrepreneur in the design industry.

Tom DeLonge Ex-Wife

As the ex-wife of Tom DeLonge, Jennifer shared a significant part of her life with the musician. Their relationship began early and evolved as Tom’s music career with Blink-182 soared. Despite their eventual separation, their shared history remains a notable part of her story.

How did they meet?

Tom and Jennifer DeLonge met during their high school years. Their youthful romance eventually led to a long-term relationship and marriage, marking the start of a significant chapter in both of their lives.

When did they get married?

Tom and Jennifer DeLonge got married in 2001. Their wedding came at a time when Tom was gaining significant fame with Blink-182, intertwining their personal milestones with his professional achievements.

Do they have kids?

The couple has two children, Ava Elizabeth DeLonge and Jonas Rocket DeLonge. Both children were born into a family deeply involved in the music and entertainment industry.

How long were they married?

Tom and Jennifer DeLonge were married for approximately 18 years. Their marriage, which started in 2001, ended in 2019, marking nearly two decades of their life together.

How many wives has Tom DeLonge had?

Tom DeLonge has had two wives. After his divorce from Jennifer in 2019, he married Rose-Marie Berryman in 2021.

What is she known for?

Jennifer DeLonge is known for her career as an interior designer and entrepreneur. Her work in creating vibrant, personalized spaces has garnered her recognition in the design world. Additionally, her marriage to Tom DeLonge also brought her into the public eye.

Is she humble?

Jennifer DeLonge is perceived as a humble and dedicated professional, who focuses on her career and family. Her demeanor suggests a person who values her work and personal life, maintaining a level of grace and humility despite her public persona.


Jennifer DeLonge’s life story is more than just her association with Tom DeLonge. Her successful career in interior design, alongside her role as a mother, paints a picture of a multifaceted individual who has carved her own path in both her professional and personal life.

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FAQs about Jennifer DeLonge
  1. What distinctive style characterizes Jennifer DeLonge’s interior design work? Jennifer’s design style is noted for its energetic, light-filled spaces that are both inspiring and reflective of her clients’ unique lifestyles.
  2. What has been Jennifer DeLonge’s approach to balancing her career and family life? Jennifer has managed to balance her professional career in interior design with her role as a mother, demonstrating her ability to juggle different aspects of her life effectively.
  3. Has Jennifer DeLonge been involved in any entrepreneurial ventures? Yes, Jennifer is not only an interior designer but also an entrepreneur, having established her own brand and business in the design industry.
  4. How has Jennifer DeLonge’s career evolved post-divorce? Following her divorce from Tom DeLonge, Jennifer continued to focus on her interior design career, further establishing herself as a skilled designer and entrepreneur.
  5. What influence has Jennifer DeLonge had in the interior design industry? Jennifer DeLonge has made a significant impact in the interior design world with her unique style and approach, inspiring both clients and other designers in the field.

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